Should I attend this wedding - would it be a sin?


My cousin who was previously married in the Church last year got a civil divorce two months later. He never got an annulment. He has now fallen “in love” with this girl and she and him are planning to get married (civil or by a protestant minister) next Spring. My brother has been asked to be the best man. He is a practicing Catholic. Would it be a sin for him to attend this wedding? To take part in it? Should I attend? Would it be a sin if I did?


Wow, that’s pretty quick!

I am not an expert in the catechism, but what I know is that by attending this ceremony, one would be indirectly supporting this marriage. It would be best not to go, especially if other people know he (your brother) is a practicing Catholic.

I think you might find this link helpful:


My suggestion is to go to the “Ask an Apologist” forum, do a search on “weddings” and look through for their advice.

Questions about attending weddings are asked often, it is obviously a source of much stress and anxiety in many families.

You will probably get a lot of opinions here, and I could give you mine but in that forum you will get answers from people who have studied much and can give specific catechism references as well.

God bless and prayers for your family.


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