Should I baptize my uncle?

my great uncle just passed away so my parents and I are taking a trip to china for his funeral. please pray for his soul.

he has a son, who would be my mom’s cousin, who I believe has severe autism or some disability of that sort. basically his mental capacity is about that of a one year old. I haven’t seen him in a bout 20 years, since I was very little but he also getting up there in age, almost around 70, I think. and his health is declining now also.

no one on that side of the family is crhistian, let alone catholic and trying to find a priest in china is not really going to be possible for me. and no one else would probably bother doing it. he would not be able to make a conscious decision to be baptized, obviously, given his condition.

if opportunity presents itself, should I just do it? or do I still need my great-aunt’s permission? she is still alive but in her 90s and in mourning. but it is still her son. I don’t think anyone has ever even evangelized her, I acgtually have no idea

what do you think? should I just leave it up to god in this case? or try to do it? I mean we technically don’t really know what happens to unbaptized souls even if they can’t make the choice for themselves, right?

Dear friend,

If you were your uncle, knowing what you know, I am sure that you would want to be baptized. I suggest that you baptize him.

Fr. Vincent Serpa, O.P.

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