Should I be a Notre Dame fan?


As most of us know, the orthodoxy of the University of Notre Dame these days has gone into question.

I love football. However, I’m a Kansas fan. Their football team is one of the worst in the nation. I’d love to cheer on a school whose whole essence is Catholicism. However, I can’t seem to get around ideas like that I would avoid even getting a theology degree there.



Yes, Notre Dame’s orthodoxy is decidedly mixed. Many devout Catholics there, but many others are pushing a secular liberal agenda.

This has nothing to do with the football team. Cheer them or not, but they have nothing to do with religion.


Honestly, I think their sports program is one of the sources of their secularism.


Oh my…this worry is as silly as worrying that if you are a Catholic you cannot vote for a Democrat.

So, who does God root for when Notre Dame plays Boston College or Loyola?

And, just think about those horrible Catholics who root for Duke! The audacity of them calling themselves Catholic and pulling for the Blue Devils!

Well, I guess some poster might say, God would root for the one with the least liberal curriculum.

But, thanks for the laugh…it was a great way to end a long week at work!


Think of all those Hail Mary passes. :smiley:


There’s nothing wrong with cheering for Notre Dame’s football team. You aren’t supporting heterodoxy by doing so.




I put the golden domes probably number 6 in my rooting list.


Now everybody freak out because I have a Mormon school and a Protestant school ahead of ND…:wink:


Their orthodoxy has been called into question, unjustifiably so. It is certainly true that there is a struggle going on there between the orthodox and the heterodox but we don’t aid those who participate in that struggle by abandoning them because the university is not as pure as we would like. Their situation is not dissimilar to that of most parishes in the country, and we cannot succeed if we abandon those who are trying to do the right thing.



If you want to get a plenary indulgence every time Notre Dame wins and a get out of purgatory free card you should be a Notre Dame fan


He always roots for Notre Dame . Just like Satan always roots for the New York Yankees


Jesus doesn’t care if Notre Dame wins football games or not.

But his Mother does…


Stick with KU.

Offer up the football season as a penance, and count down the days until basketball begins. Kind of like we used to be able to do in Nebraska, only in reverse.


Nothing to do with the thread topic but I get irritated by Americans mispronouncing the word “Dame”.
Notre Dame is French for Our lady. It is pronounced “dam” and not “daim”.


Cheer for the St. Mary Marauders! It’s Division II but it’s Catholic.


The college is daim. Noter Dame.

If we’re talking about the book/movie, we do say Notr Dam. As in, Hunchback of.

If we’re talking about the church in France, we generally say Dam.

But for the college, it’s daim.

[Ha, look at me, talking about Notre Dame, and I couldn’t care less! Although, if I were Irish I’d probably get irritated by all the people who assume that all American Irish Catholics are Notre Dame fans.]




KU is God’s basketball game


Supporting ND is evil
Your soul will be lost


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