Should I be dating/courting/seeking marriage?


Is it permissible for a young man still in college with little financial resources to be perusing marriage through company keeping/dating/courting? As far as I know company keeping is a near occasion of sin and should be avoided unless a strong call to marriage is discerned. Even if one feels they have a strong call to marriage should they wait to act on that call until they have sufficient means to support a family?

Well, I doubt there are hard and fast rules about these things.:) I met my fiance in college, and we've been dating, then engaged for the past three years. He had nothing when we got engaged, but has since worked and saved for two years while I finished my degree. He got a promotion yesterday, and we finally have a wedding date set.:D

No relationship is the same, and I would find it hard to make a decision like this extracted from a real possible relationship. Just work and study and have friends, and see what happens. You may feel like you have a strong call to marriage, but God is the one who will show you your spouse, right?

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