Should I be worried to attend this Parish?

Something about looking at it seems off.

It’s part of the St. Paul and Minneapolis Archdiocese but there are so many red flags popping up that it makes me cringe.
Baptisms only 4 times a year?!?
No scheduled confession
No daily Mass - at least not according to the Mass schedule

The “Pastor’s Comments” tell the tale. I’d stay away from that parish.

“We’re a progressive Catholic Church” would be red flag to me as well.
I’d be curious to know more about what they mean by progressive.


I will second that opinion! “On Sundays, we come together as a family to break bread, to tell stories,to sing and to dance.” Singing during Mass happens at every Mass anywhere but they don’t seem to be clear that it is liturgical singing when they follow up with “to dance”. Dancing? In Mass? Who knows, but for me that is a red flag since they make it seem that it is happening during Mass. And of course the Pastor is running some type of political newspaper under “Pastor’s Comments” and insulting the Pope. Initially I did not think they had a weekday Mass like Phemie mentioned but it does appear that they do…they just don’t list the times. That Labyrinth is pretty sketchy too since they are so closely involved with new age practices. Under the staff page they list the pastor as “Mike Tegeder” Not Father or Reverend Mike just Mike. Besides in most of the pictures it would appear the current pastor has quite long hair and doesn’t even look remotely like this Mike does. The list goes on and on but for the sake of this post and to answer your question. I Would not go to this parish.

I would be cautious out of concern that their approach is unbalanced.

It seems that their focus is post Vatican II, with no mention or links to prior Church Tradition.

Reconciliation is communal except by appointment?

The book that they are using with their Adult Education program seems suspect. I read reviews on Amazon and some reviewers say that it is written in a very biased, very progressive/liberal way that is unfairly critical of the hierarchy and conservatives. They say that the book also implies that dissent from Church teaching can be OK.

On the other hand, the parish does seem very active and offers many opportunities for community service.

Pray about it.


They introduce themselves as a Progressive Catholic church and they have a labyrinth. Those are red flags for me, as are the constant complaints and put-downs in the “Pastor’s Comments” section.

Their book club doesn’t seem to read any of the classics.

Celebrating baptisms four times a year is not so, so bad. They seem to be a small community so they may not have many baptisms and this would allow for babies to be baptized at Sunday mass within 4 months of birth: a little long, I agree.

It is too bad they don’t have regular confession times. I go weekly so that would be burdensome for me. I’m leery of the confessions “celebrated communally during Lent and Advent.”

All in all, this would not be the parish for me.

This might be slightly off topic. The priest clearly has a low regard for the Extraordinary Form Mass. He says Pope Francis has rescinded Summorum Pontificum. Is that true? If it is I must have been asleep since +Francis was elected.

He hasn’t.

He has restricted the use of the 1962 rite for one religious community. There is disagreement about whether this is a reversal of SP or simply enforcement of Article 3.

Want to know more about “Father” Mike…

I would NOT attend this church whatsoever. This is a church that appears to be full of heresy and so does this pastor. He openly rejects church teaching…

“The greatest threats to marriage are the economy, joblessness, alcoholism, drug abuse — there are a lot of threats to marriage, but it has very little to do with homosexuals having a committed relationship,” says Tegeder, who’s also a pastor at the Church of Gichitwaa Kateri. “I know committed same-sex people who are doing God’s work.”

Here’s an article about the Church of Gichitwaa he is a pastor of…



I guess that is the same priest, he did grow out long hair! I think this parish, it’s priest, and parishioners need a lot of prayers.:thumbsup: I find it funny how in the newspaper article it says"His white collar is nowhere to be found" except of course in the picture they posted. Definitely a very liberal parish no doubt partly because of having a liberal priest.

Oh wow, yes, please avoid this parish, if they where independent then I would just recommend avoiding, but since they seem to identify with the Diocese then I believe you need to let the Bishop know as well.

I just read the links. I want to cry right now. God have mercy on us all!

Wow, the red flags, detailed by other posters, are all there glaring. It looks like a parish a ultra-progressive catholic in the 70s would have dreamed about. I thought those dreams had, gratefully, all been dashed. I guess I was wrong.

To answer you question: be very worried.

Read the “Pastor’s comments”. You will find it quite disturbing. Certainly seems determine to sow a lot of discontent and disunity: despite his claims to the contrary.

Starts off with a very one-sided attack on the president of Catholic University, contains multiples misrepresentations of statements by the Holy Father (has the pope rescinded Benedict XVI’s policies on the tridentine mass?). Multiple instances of unprofessional, public attacks on his Archbishop, and even misrepresents/pokes fun at the Archbishop’s basic responsibility.

Avoid it.

Leave flowers and herbs at the altar - sounds sort of pagan to me.

Yes, that’s a good way to put it. You only have to look at the slideshow on the homepage to see that this church (the sanctuary) has a disordered orientation. That’s about all you really need to know.


Unless it is the feast of the Assumption where this is actually a tradition in both the Eastern and Western parts of the Church.

Oh really, that sounds interesting, I didn’t know that.

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