Should I become a Catholic?


I was brought up Southern Baptist, married, divorced and now I’m engaged to be married again. I am having great inner turmoil over this situation. Nowhere in my body do I feel it’s okay to get remarried. The only faith that discusses the subject in conjunction with the Bible are the Apologists within the Catholic faith.

I would like to look into becoming a Catholic but I am hesitant due to my past. Your thoughts?


Your hesitation should not be about entering into the fullness of the Christian faith by becoming a Catholic – it should be about getting married again. You already know that if your first marriage was valid you are not free to remarry. I recommend putting your engagement on hold until the status of your first marriage is determined.

Your divorce is not an obstacle to entering the Church. Talk to your local pastor about becoming Catholic and having the validity of your first marriage looked into. If it is determined that your first marriage is invalid, then you should be free to resume your engagement and attempt marriage again.

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