Should I become a priest? Is this the way I should go on?

Firstly, I’m new here, therefore sorry if it’s the wrong category.
Secondly, it will be a long question with explanations.

I have had special feelings to the priesthood and the liturgy in my whole life so far. As a little child, I “roleplayed” the celebration with a mass booklet before or after a mass. Later I became an altar server. I really enjoyed it. We (altar boys) had a very good relationship with the priest. /But nothing wrong!/
Unfortunately, my family had to move in a foreign city (I have not served here).
Other priest, other traditions and other community.
About the other traditions.
During lent, moreover during the holy week and Sacrum Triduum Paschale I feel something extremely deep, something indescribable, literally I can’t find any words to tell you.
So I went to the masses. Honestly I died inside.
The priest on Holy Thursday hit the Altar because of his anger (caused by an alter server who made a mistake).
But I don’t want to blame him anyway. To be honest it was a suffering to see a priest who hits the Altar at the celebration of the foundation of the Eucharist and the priesthood

After Easter, I asked about these my bible class teacher. She really surprised how do I know these things and how passionately I talked about these, and answered “Lewis, you’ll become a priest one day”. Interestingly, the priest who has baptized me said the same.
I have been confirmed for 5 years now (23 currently).

About the community:
People usually have a conversation about other people during the mass.
The other thing, to make masses attractive for younger generation there was an idea to have a little “band” with guitars. The parish choirmaster said: “not in my church untill I live”… Very sad that could happen.
I focused on God, tried to “filtering my ears”, but my spirit couldn’t calm down.
I know it’s a serious sin not to attend phisically on a mass and not receive the Eucharist. But I believe if you can’t focus on the messages of God, you can’t hear Him it’s even worse. I follow masses daily via streams, and pray daily too.
The feelings I mentioned in the beginning, come again and again. Sometimes it’s not as strong as now, but it’s continuous.
I asked God to show me the way, send me a sign.
Yesterday prayed along the stations of the cross. At the end, the homily was about choosing priesthood or choosing marriage. I don’t search signs in everyrhing, but I believe these little things come from God and He answers to my prayers.

I always had a thought, what if I’d become a priest. I feel close to God when watching a mass broadcast (or no background gossip whispering disturbs) or when I pray (more likely when I pray in latin). I don’t want to show off with praying in latin, but it gives me something special I also can’t describe (not because of language barriers) as the emotions during the holy week.

I know, it’s very long (and sorry for gramatical mistakes), please let me know if any explanation is needed. I don’t expect you to tell me what should I do. But I’m sure there will be experienced and wise members who would give me a few advice.

I really appreciate if you read this and answer.

God bless you all!

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A few additional information:

I never had a girlfriend (dated a few times but that’s all). I never felt anything special in connection with having a family, or living family life as in movies.
I went to a university, but then happened something caused a very-very negative experience, so I suspended it.

This suspension will end in a few month, and unless if I won’t continue or start a new course I’ll have to pay back half of the scholarship.

Just to clarify, I wouldn’t like to choose priesthood in order to get rid of my payment duty or something like this. I am working now and learning but I can’t take a step with these thoughts and feelings.

Politics here in Hungary has a quite large (and negative) effect on Catholic Church. One of the political leaders said “it’s the resoponsibility of priests that believers go and vote for the proper party”. And lots of priests follow this line, and share the opinion of the government.
The “proper” party describes itself as a christian democratic party, which is absolutely not true. It’s
full of with hate and corruption, its members are mostly filthy and liars.
That’s not the mentality of Jesus’ Church. Moreover, in my opinion Church and politics must be separated as much as possible.
I’m not sure how could I deal with the presence of the political system in church

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Please approach the Vocations Director for the Diocese you are in. He or she will put you on the right path to discern a path to Priesthood, or another path.


Contact your Diocesan Vocation Office. The Priest in charge will be able to assist you.


You don’t have to stay in Hungry.


Thank you for your replies! :slight_smile:
I will contact the Diocese.


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