Should I bless my friend's house without his knowledge?

A friend of mine was telling me while I was over playing board games with him at his house that the previous owner of the house was a witch. He said that while remodeling he’s found pentagrams and such above doorways, etc. My friend doesn’t believe in God and this doesn’t appear to bother him. And right now he’s not open (at least to me) in anything that regards God – in fact he likes to mock people who believe in God.

What I’m wondering is whether I should “do” anything? Leave blessed salt in a corner? Other ideas?

Suppose a non-Christian came to your home, took offense at the Christian symbols in your home, and decided to make a statement about it by carving a symbol of his religion into some hidden place in your home. How would you react to finding out about it?

Your friend’s home is his own domain. Dealing with the witch symbols on his property is his problem. If he asks you for advice on what to do about them, you might offer some suggestions such as sprinkling holy water or blessed salt, but it is not your place to do this on your own without his permission. While there is indeed objective benefit to cleansing property of occult symbols (both through obliterating the symbol and blessing the area with Christian sacramentals), it is disrespectful of your friend to take it upon yourself to treat his property as if it were your own.

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