Should I burry a St. Joseph statue to sell a house?


We are trying to sell our house and feeling very anxious about it. I have been offered a job out of state at a Catholic college, hence the move. Yay!!! Anyway, people have told me to bury a statue of St. Joseph and say a novena to him. I am uncomfortable with the burying of the statue–it sounds silly and superstitious. Is my feeling correct on this? I would like to say a prayer to St. Joseph. Is their a particular prayer to St. Joseph that I should say to ask him to intercede for us?
Thank you!


Hi Amy,

You do well to be uneasy with this. Ask St. Joseph and / or other saints to pray with you for the quick sale of your house. But forget about burring statues. Such is superstition.

Fr. Vincent Serpa, O.P.

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