Should I come clean?

Hello, there, hope everyone’s well. On the other hand, I am in a bit of a moral quagmire.

I became a bit angry with my friend after he rudely demanded that I put away his portable speakers. Furious, I threw them into the cabinet. The fact that I might have broken them calmed me down enough to check to see whether they still worked, and they do.

However, although the speakers are still fully functional with no apparent structural damage, there is a small rattling sound on this inside where, I suppose, some plastic came loose as a result of the impact. (It sounds like a few pebbles rolling around in an plastic cup.)

Does this sound like something I need to confess to him? At first, I thought it would be better just to move on, but then again, this wasn’t an accident. Even though I was angry, I still made a decision to damage the speakers and then hurled them into the cabinet. Still, though, the damage here appears to be pretty negligible, just some plastic bits rattling around on the inside.

Personally, I think I got lucky because it could have been worse: I could have completely broken them. Should I just let it go?

If it was your property and someone picked it up and threw it and the impact seemed to have caused a rattling wouldnt you want to know?

You did wrong by throwing it…it wasnt yours to throw…if you didnt like how your friend spoke to you then you should have left it out for him to put away himself…throwing them seems like a childish thing to do in my opinion

yeah, you probably shoudl tell him when the opportunity presents

I would think that you should tell him. If you don’t it will keep on bothering you. Besides, you would want to be told if the roles were reversed. He might want something to be done about it and if he does want something from you about it you owe it to him.

Maybe tell him after giving him a new pair of headphones, before he decides to replace the damaged pair. Or at least promise to replace them.

If you were a bad guy, you wouldn’t feel guilty about it. Buy him a new pair, and tell him what happened.

I stole something once, as revenge. I never admitted it or made restitution. I don’t even know if I explicitly confessed it.

Your question made me focus on my problem which happened long, long ago. I don’t even remember the name of the other person involved.

I feel very bad about the whole thing. In college, my apartment roommate broke a critical part on a coffee maker, and just laughed it off. He had money, but I was very poor. It hurt me. On the other hand, for the same reason, I know that I ate some of my other roommate’s cookies. I never confessed that either.

I think it’s better to fess up to what happened (the damage) and offer to pay for it, if there is anything significant damaged inside. It was an accident, in the broad sense: I don’t think you meant to damage the items.

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