Should I confess action that I don't think was sinful?

I am in the trouble here. I may have commited a sin yesterday, but I am not sure. It highly depends on circumstences. I am almost sure I haven’t commited sin. Does the fact that I was unsure if my action was sinful one second after that action mean that I didn’t have fullnes of knowledge and that I haven’t sinned mortaly? Can I go to confesion and say “I have maybe commited a sin”? I remember reading something called “Ten commandmans for scrupulus” and one commandmant condemned confesing sonething for which you are not sure that it is sinful… But I don’t know if I had fulness of knowledge at the time I have sinned…

If you think there’s a chance you may have committed a sin, go ahead and confess it. This is doubly true in the even of it potentially being a mortal sin.

Better safe than sorry.

If you’re really scrupulous you ought to make sure you get a regular confessor and mention that to him. Then he can direct you on what you need to confess and what you ought not to.

In this case, it seems like your conscience is telling you that you need to go. I’d agree. Go and confess. Remember “full knowledge” isn’t the same as “agreement.” A homosexual man might not agree that having sex with other men is sinful, but that doesn’t give him carte blanche to indulge in sexual immorality.

IMHO, “full knowledge” is one of the most misunderstood and misrepresented teachings in the Faith today.

To quote senior apologist Jimmy Akin “when in doubt confess”.

The exception is if you are scrupulous, which means you need a spiritual director you can bring this too.

Examination of conscience on a regular basis allows us to strenghten and fortify our conscience. When we use this examination in conjunction with a Priest (in person ofChrist through the Holy Spirit) we get verbal confirmation if we are building our conscience toward God. We confess what is in our thoughts … What we have done and what we have failed to do …

Remember the sacrament of Reconcilliation does so things: forgivness of sins and gives divine grace to avoid future sin.

It is said that St Teresa of Calcutta and St JP2 went to confession daily. Ponder what these living saints were confessing … Did they have super Divne grace because they went daily?

Is there such a commandment? The whole idea of confession is to resolve whatever’s on your conscience. One should not confuse scrupulosity with examination of conscience, which, as sinners, we are asked to do often.

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