Should I confess?


I’ve been “catholic” for my whole life. I even already received the sacrament of Confirmation. But my whole life has also been empty, everything was a lie, without knowing what to do, without purpose. I dropped university, started other things, and like most people of this generation, I kind of settled with my mother and I’m a lazy bastard.

But for the last two months, I’ve been in great conflict, with great conflicts and fear of death. For the last 3 weeks more or less, I started to pray the rosary, 5 mysteries each day and didn’t miss one day yet. I’m trying to learn about the catholic faith with more intensity and start a new life.

I really went through all my sins and made a list of 2 pages. I want to clean everything, or most of things in my soul.

But there’s only one sin that’s hindering me, not because it’s difficult to tell to the priest but because of my own situation: sloth

I don’t know if I should confess only when I get a job. I have so much fear that because I didn’t get rid of this, all my other sins won’t be forgiven.

You should go to Confession. You’re ready. If you continue to be slothful in the future, you can confess again later, but it sounds like there are no barriers to absolution for you right now.

You don’t need to come back perfect. You just need to start walking back towards Christ. Your journey doesn’t end at confession, but will continue for the rest of your life. You don’t need to be perfect to start walking the path again.

Confess to the best of your ability to remember and be sincere. God knows of our weaknesses (he made us!) and knows we will sin again, but his mercy is boundless and as long as we are sincere, forgiveness will be ours! Be at peace! Confess!

Just go to Confession ASAP. Tell the Priest. Let the Priest decide

You should confess now. It may be that you continue to engage in a sin. If so you confess that sin again. Confession gives you grace to overcome that particular sin.

I confess sloth frequently. It is one of the many sins that I struggle with as well. But I’ve never let the struggle keep me from confession.

You should confess now. Your sin of sloth will not end only when you get a job. If you help your mother, clean up after yourself, wash the dishes, and actively seek employment, you are no longer being slothful.

Read the act of contrition. I know there are several versions, but the version I use most often includes the phrase “…with Your help, I firmly intend to do penance, to sin no more, and to avoid whatever leads me to sin…”

The easiest way to avoid sin in the future is to get your current sins off your soul, and lean on God’s help.

Never ever lose sight of the fact that the name of God is Mercy

Confess ASAP. Do not risk unexpected death without taking advantage of the Reconciliation God is calling you to.

Most of us, well at least many I am sure, struggle with habitual sin. How often must we forgive? 70 times 7.

A good confession is when the penitent acknowledges his actions have been sinful and he really wants to make amends and try again to live as he should.

Yet we are all imperfect and we are required to confess at least once a year - Ash Wednesday to Pentecost and are encouraged to confess more often, especially if we have committed mortal sin/s.

A good confession makes us worthy to receive Christ in the Holy Eucharist. The Graces from Confession, Mass, Holy Eucharist, and a prayer life do help us overcome our weaknesses even if overcoming does take time and many confessions.

As for sloth - laziness - work on small accomplishments first. Build a good habit. Let success motivate you to taking on more challenging efforts.

I won’t bet my soul on the priests of my city. They don’t even use cassock, I know one that said that Jesus didn’t perform the miracle of multiplication of bread and fish, just a lot of people gathering their own resources and sharing, and in none of past confessions, I don’t remember the priests orienting me or helping me through my sins even when I didn’t know what to say.

I want to tell my sins and leave. The only ones I trust are you guys.

First of all, I’m not sure what the cassock has to do with a valid confession and reconciliation.

Second, if the penitent makes a good confession, and the priest absolves them, they are absolved. An ordained priest is an ordained priest, even if they have some kooky ideas. The validity of the sacrament is not dependent on the orthodox ideas of the priest.

"The only ones I trust are you guys."

That is…disconcerting. There’s a LOT of bad advice on CAF. A lot. A really big lot. Huge lot.:frowning:

Things are bad where I live.
The last thing I would say is, " the only ones I trust are CAF posters…"


Though I like cassocks I have yet to understand what that has to do with anything.
And yes, priests are not perfect. Some of them have some wonky theology. Even anti Christian and anti catholic theology. But that has nothing to do with confection of the Eucharist and absolution.

Do not go to Individual Confession but only go to Communal Reconciliation Service where they have only 1 priest and everybody confesses their sins directly to Jesus and then go up to the altar where the priest or lay person lays hands on and gives a blessing. If there are no Communal Reconciliation Services available in your Diocese then just confess your sins directly to Jesus every night when you go to bed. That is what I do every night when I go to bed.:stuck_out_tongue:

^^^Speaking of bad advice of CAF.^^^

Confession. There is no substitute.

Yeah, really bad advice.

Also, if what you have learned about Catholicism is mostly about appearances, smells and bells…no wonder you’re confused.
Even if you have to drive a distance to another town to go to a church you “think” you can trust, it’s worth it. We’re talking about your SOUL here.
Stop messing about with opinion, and get the facts.
If you get absolved through confession, you’re absolved.
GOD is the one forgiving and giving you a clean slate, no one else.

Go to confession, reboot. Live a holy life. If you fall, go again, It’s everyone’s story.
We are blessed by a merciful Lord. Take comfort in that.

No, don’t trust “us guys.” This is an Internet forum, filled with strangers with all sorts of characters, both good and shady, from knowledgeable to outright stupid; the whole spectrum.

No, you find yourself a good priest whom you can trust. And so what if a gives bad advice in the confessional or has bad homilies? For as long as he absolves you, you are forgiven.

As for sloth, just go to confession, mention it and tell him what you told us. Cassocks and bad homilies about the multiplication of the loaves are not indicators of what he will tell you in confession. At some point, you will have to draw a line and trust a confessor. And if he absolves you, you are absolved. Period.

DO NOT TRUST ANYONE on CAF. You cannot tell who here is the smart from the idiot; the orthodox from the heretic, the faithful from the unfaithful. The ONLY advice you should heed is “talk to your priest.”

"The only ones I trust are you guys."

I think now I have seen everything.

CAF is good for some things, and for some people.
Mostly it’s an addiction for many, guilt as charged. I just can’t help posting. I gave it up fro Lent and it was the most peaceful time ever. But I’ve made friends here, and, well, it’s an addiction of sorts. I try to make it a holy one, but often I get outraged by some nutty post.
But…I digress.
We also have people trashing priests, disrespecting priests making up their own theology and calling themselves Catholic.

There are many knowledgeable posters.
And they are telling you upthread to go to confession asap. :thumbsup:

Go to confession friend. TODAY.
Guard your soul too. :o


Priests are imperfect men, some may even hold wonky ideas, but Christ still works through them in the sacraments.

Definitely go to confession.

It’s not about the sacrament, but taking advice from them. I know that a ordained priest can absolve anyone regardless of their possible own mortal sins.

And don’t wearing cassocks is at least a sign of a bad priest. I’m just exercising a little of prudence.

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