Should I date non-Catholics?

I have a question/situation that has been bothering me for quite some time now regarding dating after annullment.

I was raised Catholic. I went to Baptist summer camps during my early teen years after my confirmation, of which I started to read the bible (my immediate Catholic family never had a bible our house, nor showed any interest in reading it). I ended up going to college and got more grounded in the bible. I ended up marrying outside of the Church in a non-denominational church. Later, my spouse decided to become Catholic, of which we made our vows in the Catholic Church. It was hard for me to come back, but I did, then as I started to get re-settled into the Catholic Church, my spouse filed for divorce 3 -4 months later after the Catholic Church ceremony, of which the Catholic marriage was later annulled.

I have been dating for the last 6-7 years now…but have no committed relationships. I just recently began listening to EWTN, and purchased a rosary of which I perform pretty much daily prayers.

I have not really attended a Mass for about 3 years.

Here is the jist of my question…

Should I be dating Catholic or non-Catholics? I noticed the Catholics that I knew are not grounded in the bible. And I have more fellowship with non-Catholic believers and messianic Jews.:confused:

I guess you can say I am not sure which direction to take in dating…Catholics / Non-Catholic believers?:shrug:

I appreciate your prayers as I do want to do the right thing. I have experienced different fellowship outside the Catholic Church, vs. what I have experienced inside the Catholic Church…I want close fellowship in my future spouse.

The following link should assist you in better understanding the Catholic Church’s teaching on dating/marrying someone of another religion. If you have any further questions or concerns that are not answered by these links, please contact Catholic Answers directly.

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