Should I donate or not?


My hair is getting really long. I was thinking of keeping it going until about May or June, cause it starts getting warm then. :stuck_out_tongue: Then having it cut and donated to locks of love. :slight_smile: But, I am selfishly liking my long hair now, and I think my husband does too. But he’s okay with me donating, thinks its a really good cause. What to do? I know I have months to decide, but could use some advice. Anyone else do this? What was your experience? Love it, hate it? Would you do it again?


**I was thinking about doing it but didn’t… one of the reasons was that I wanted my hair cut but didn’t have quite enough to donate the minimum 10 inches (without going super short). The other reason is that I couldn’t find a place that would take color treated hair. Every place I looked wanted “virgin” hair.:shrug:

As for you, if your hair grows at a reasonable rate and you meet the requirements, I say go for it!!! It’ll grow back. And who knows, your hubby may enjoy going on a hot date with “another woman”;);):wink:




I haven’t done it, but I think it’s a wonderful idea! It helps many people, and my grandpa’s sister was one of them (so thank you for even thinking about it). After chemo and radiation, these poor people so need the hair!

I truly admire your character LovingHim.

I have been wanting to do this, but my hair grows too slow (and it’s not long enough) and it curls funny when it’s short… but then again, hair is hair, it’ll grow back.


I think I have “virgin hair.” New term by the way. :stuck_out_tongue: I used Sun-in as a teen, but haven’t touched it for about nine or ten years. So I think that’s close enough. My hair doesn’t grow fast. Just the regular half inch a month or so. It grows far less quickly now, cause it hasn’t been cut for a year, for this reason. My husband does want it chin length or longer. I’m at nine inches from the chin down. I’d like it a little longer than (oh three or four inches) that so I can still do a ponytail. This could take longer than I thought.:blush:


Yes, your hair is “virgin” since it’s not chemically treated. But if you’re pg, I’ve heard hair grows faster while pg! So, by May/June, it’d have grown enough…


Yep… My dd did… there was a post about it…


Your daughter is so beautiful, and generous! :slight_smile: Such a kind heart, during her most tender years. At sixteen I was still so vain. I would never have dreamed of such a thing. Well, many years later, God has helped me see the better side of life. That of giving of self. She is going to grow up and do great things I tell ya, just you wait and see! :slight_smile: Now I see why you are called BlestOne! :smiley:



I donated my hair last March. It was something I had wanted to do for a long time, but just didn’t have enough hair for. I figured that if I didn’t do it at least once, I would be sorry I never did.

I am very glad that I did it, so much so that I am planning to do it again sometime this year (I have about 8 inches right now). It’s just a nice way to give something of myself to help someone else. And the whole process is pretty simple. Get the ponytail cut off, put it in a padded envelope and send.

God bless,
Christine W.


My DD also did it. She loved her long hair but really wanted to do it.She received a wonderful thank you that she proudly hung in bedroom.
Her hair is on it’s way to being long again.
I’m a proud of her.


I would really check into the place you decide to go with. I’ve heard that LoL actually SELLS most of the hair they get, so that starlets can pay big bucks to get extensions with it, instead of making wigs for cancer kids like they say they do. Let me see if I can find the site I heard that on.


My gaughter does this every 2 years or so. She loves it. She likes having long hair, but she also loves the cute cuts she gets. I would join her, but my hair is very gray and I color it, so it is not really useful to them either to make wigs or to sell.


i think u should go 4 it:) i would do it if i could but my hair is just above my shoulders,or if u like your length i would grow it out very long and then cut it so you will still give alot of hair and still have a length that u like


Thank you!!! Yes I know how Blest I am… She is a very loving and humble young lady! I think she is beautiful too… and smart… and oh so spiritual!!! It is pretty cool when I hear my kids (20, 18,16) all chatting and they are talking about scripture or Latin Mass… I am just blown away… God really exceeded any expectations I had for my kids…


Here is one, article, and,
and another, but I’ll quit now!


I did it too. My advice would be to wait until it is long enough to donate and still be as long as you want it. I did it when I was pregnant to take advantage of my hair that was growing fast. This time I am going to wait some months after I have my baby until I lose my “baby weight” to go short, if I decide to do it.


If you’re really thinking about it, I think you should do it. I donated back in November, and I was so glad that I finally did it! My hair had been really long for a few years, and I was quite attached to it, but after spending Thanksgiving at home with my family I knew that I had so much to be thankful for, and I wanted to share a blessing with someone who really needed it. The day after we got back home, I went and had 11" cut off. My hair was long enough that it was still chin-length after the cut, so now I’m growing it again and hopefully in a year or two I’ll have enough to donate again. :slight_smile:


The NYT article makes it clear that 1. every wig charity sells some of the hair to defray costs and 2. because Locks of Love is the most well-known of thos organizations, they receive a lot of unusable hair that does not meet their guidelines. They sometimes receive hair that is moldy! I can undestand why they throw it out.

If I know what Locks of Love is looking for (at least 10 inches of dry, unprocessed hair), I have a good shot at having my hair made into a wig that will help someone. If that doesn’t happen, the hair I donate will be sold to help pay for a wig that will help someone. It doesn’t matter to me if my hair is actually on the head of the person I helped.


I say go for it.

I have done it and yes most places want virgin hair. I find I can donate every 2 years, if I go really short. However, it is now almost 3 years, since I donated. I am a little hesitant, as I now have a few grey strands and most places do not want that.


My daughter (9) is growing her hair to donate for a third time–probably next winter. She heard of Locks of Love and she gives it to them.

Here is their information about donating: They do accepted “unvirgin” hair. (Love the term!:stuck_out_tongue: ) I find their website very informative. Please check them out before dismissing them.


I have been thinking about doing this once it gets warm - my hair is down to the middle of my back and pretty much all one length. I’m thinking about going back to chin length again - I really liked it like that. But DH loves my long hair, so I keep it long for him. I’m a bit torn myself.

However - if I do donate I will probably go with the new Pantene project - Pantene Beautiful Lengths. I just get a better “feeling” about them for some reason. :cool:

And they don’t require “virgin hair” - mine is far from that!! It’s been colored since I was about 19 - but is in extremely excellent condition.

EDIT - I just noticed that they now require hair that has NOT been permanantly colored - that is a new change for this program. When I checked them out a few months ago that was not a requirement. Hmmmm - guess they can’t use mine then. :frowning: Oh well.


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