Should I encourage a non-practicing Catholic to marry in the Church?


I know someone who is a confirmed Catholic, but she is no longer practicing her faith. In fact, she is very hostile to the Catholic Church. She believes in a god, but not necessarily the Christian God and that Jesus was a human, but not the Son of God. It is difficult to reason with her about Church teaching because, in my opinion, believe this would not permit her to live the lifestyle that she prefers.

Now she is engaged to a Lutheran (who is also not practicing his faith) and wants a wedding in the Catholic Church because she claims it is “more meaningful”. Should I encourage her or discourage her to marry in the Catholic Church?


Well, a Catholic marrying outside the Church has a prima facie invalid marriage (null for lack of form). That’s never a really good thing.


Encourage her, and good for you if you do, but I would also advise you to inquire if she understands the requirement to be in a state of grace in order to receive the sacraments. Then it all becomes much more . . . meaningful.


Hey, I would teach her about the faith, try and bring her back before you encourage someone to marry in the church, as marrying in the church without actually believing it will not be good thing for her or the church. So try and reel her back before you encourage her to marry in the church :wink:

God Bless


Were it me, I would be speaking myself to a priest about it all and asking his advice about what to do.

God bless you also!


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