Should I encourage my friend to go to Mass on a day of Obligation?

Hey everyone,
tomorrow is the Feast of the Immaculate Conception, and that is a Holy Day of obligation.

I was going to invite my friend, a lukewarm Catholic, to mass, but he has admitted to me that he has missed Sunday mass multiple times and has not gone to Confession. He does not see the point of Confession or going to mass every Sunday, and that is a thread of its own.

This is what I am asking about, though. If he goes to mass, he will almost certainly receive the Eucharist, which will “eat and drink judgment upon himself” (1 Cor 11:29). Should I avoid inviting him so he does not consume the Eucharist, or should I let him miss mass? Any advice is greatly appreciated!

There seems to be two problems here: your friend’s reluctance to believe he should go to Mass on Sundays and HDOs, and his apparent belief he has the right to the Eucharist under all circumstances.

I would invite him, remind him of the conditions to receive, and leave what happens afterward to God. It would, in my opinion, be better to give him the opportunity to do two right things (attend Mass, abstain from Communion) and have him only do one than to not encourage him to do one thing right for fear he may do another thing wrong.

It is a holy day of obligation for Latin Catholics, so he is obliged to participate. It is good to encourage him to fulfill that obligation, and also to abstain from labor on that day.

Well put. Thank you!

Well, to be more precise and not to confuse people, it is a holy day of obligation in the US. It is not worldwide.

That is a good point, although it is on the list of ten universal holy days of obligation, it has been suppressed or transferred in many places.

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