Should I even worry about my in-laws' way of living?


Hello all. Hey, I was wondering if it is my concern the way my wifes' family lives. My wife and I are both Catholic. Her dad was born and raised Catholic but left the church and is basically nothing. He doesn't go to church at all. He believes in God though, but just doesn't care to go to church. I dont understand because he just had a heart attack last March. I thought for sure that would turn him around. Her mom is Lutheran and goes sometimes but not all the time. Her mom at one time converted to the Catholic Church and left because her husband (my wifes dad) quit going. She went back to being Lutheran. Her 21 year old sister is co-habitating with a boyfriend and never attends church. Her 30 year old brother is also co-habitating and never attends church. Maybe the way her family lives is none of my business but it irritates me greatly. Am I supposed to let it bother me? Their actions cause my wife and I to fight because I sometimes bring it up. My wife and I try to live by example and hope her family notices. Am I supposed to speak up and say something or do I simply just be quiet and live my life without any concern for them. I am not being judgemental either. I simply want people, especially part of my family now, to live a moral life. I just need some advice on how to go about living my life. Do I worry about them or do I just say, "oh well, it is their life" and just let them be. Thanks for reading.


Well, I guess you already know this, but pray for them. That’s about all you can do. And also, never allow their morals cross over into your home, know what I mean?

satan is using this to bring disruption to you family, don’t allow it to cause strife between you and your wife. Don’t allow him in!

My SIL is Wiccan, allows her 13yo daughter to wear anything she wants, even stuff that shows her cute cleavage and allows her to talk to my MIL like she’s a piece of you know what. This happened at Thanksgiving at my house and FINALLY DH and I agreed that we didn’t want someone like that in our house. We haven’t asked her to come again. All I can do is pray, ya know?

Hang in there. You are a living witness to our Faith.


Don’t start a war with the in-laws, don’t be judgemental. If your opinion is asked offer it gently and honestly. Love them and pray for them.

Someday, however, you may have children (if you don’t already) and someday they are going to start wondering and questioning the fact that the in-laws live differently than your family does. When that happens you will need some good explanations that will point your children in the way they should go, but won’t come up at Thanksgiving Dinner with the extended family as, “Daddy says uncle Ralph is going to burn in hell for all eternity cuz he’s shacked up with that blonde bimbo.”


Thank you very much for the advice. Praying will never stop. Hopefully someday all the prayers will help. Thanks again.


I think it is nice that you care for them and pray for them. You don't actually sound judgemental. We really should be praying for our families and friends every day.




Never underestimate the power of the rosary. I would start with the dad. :smiley:


I would remember the phrase by

"By the Grace of God there Go I' you marry your wife not them and sometimes there are just things for couples to agree to disagree on. If neither one of you is going to change thier behavior why let it hurt your relationship?


What's the alternative, reminding them at every opportunity how sinful they are? Arguing with your wife about how sinful her family is? Not only does that sound like a complete waste of your time since it's not as if anyone would convert after being attacked this way, but it seems like it would harm your relationship with the inlaws and the wife.

"Why do you look at the speck that is in your brother's eye, but do not notice the log that is in your own eye?


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