Should I feel obligated to pray?


Sometimes I forget to pray, and sometimes I just don’t feel like praying. I feel guilty for not praying. Is it wrong to feel obligated to pray?


You shouldn’t feel obligated to pray. The saying goes, God loves a cheerful giver, and likewise, loves a person generous in thanksgiving and prayer. Prayer is something that we should look forward to, to communicate with God. The feelings of guilt may be the Holy Spirit pulling you into deeper communion with God. Try short 30 second prayers scattered throughout the day. When something goes well, thank God for the blessing. When things aren’t so great, pray for the wisdom and the courage necessary for the situation. This can get the ball rolling to build up your prayer life.


“Is it wrong to feel obligated to pray?”

This is like asking is it wrong to feel obligated to talk to a close friend or a loved one? Would that close friend or loved one want you to be obligated to talk to him/her? Would he/she consider failure on your part to talk to him/her regularly a sign of lack of love on your part? How would you react if your close friend or loved one tell you that he/she feels obligated to talk to you? And remember God is far more loving and forgiving that even the most loving and forgiving close friend or loved one of yours.


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