Should I get a Pardon Crucifix or a Saint Bendidict Crucifix?


People already answered my question on where to get a Saint Bendidict Crucifix, but now I have a tough choice, should I get a Pardon Crucifix or a Saint Bendidict Crucifix?


I would go for the Pardon Crucifix because they are incredibly hard to locate and they have an interesting indugence history to them. The St Benedict crucifix can be obtained easily and for as little as a few dollars.



Really, because I’ve found selling them for 9.95 along with a free Holy Relic Card. It honestly sounds too good to be true. Though I’m a bit skeptical as how they can get access to so many relics to turn some things into 3rd class relics.


I would recommend the Pardon Crucifix. It’s a great sacramental to wear since the indulgences are:

1.) If you kiss the Pardon Crucifix devoutly, you gain an indulgence.
2.) If you say “Our Father, who art in heaven, forgive us our trespasses as we forgive those who trespass against us.” You gain an indulgence.
3.) There are special feast days you gain Plenary indulgences also for wearing the crucifix.
4.) Those who are on the brink of death and don’t have access to the sacraments of the Church, can kiss the crucifix and ask God for pardon and you must also pardon your neighbors of their sins.
5.) There are a couple more I think…

All the indulgences were granted by Pope St. Pius X. It was fairly easy getting mine from a Catholic goods store, though it was the last one in an original packaging. Someone I’m afraid tore some of the bags containing the Pardon Crucifixes so the paper explaining the indulgences are missing. I bought mine only for $2.50. I thought I’d actually have to pay more for one! I hang mine from a gold chain my mom gave me and I also have a St. Benedict medal next to it (An Ordinary medal, not a Jubilee one, though I’m planning on getting one!)


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