Should I get back with my girlfriend?

So my girlfriend and I were dating for a while and things were going great she’s amazing but she’s also struggled with depression and cutting low self esteem and low self control so she’s kina lustful. I love her very much but one day she cheated on me with another guy and lost her virginity to him. I forgave her even though it really hurt and tried to move on just a few days ago she broke up with me because she feels she doesn’t love me the way I deserve to be loved and she needs to be able to find love in god and not just me I realize this but when I called her she was crying and sayin how stupid she was and how she’s broken my heart again and I deserve better but I love her completely and unconditionally so this is killing me. I want to be with her but I dont want to be hurt again I told her the only way I might get back with her if she 1) finds love in god 2) I know this won’t happen again and 3) she’s ready for a serious relationship but every day without her I feel like I’m dying what should I do?

Dear Dom,

Get a clue. Start thinking with your intellect instead of your emotions. What makes you think that now you can believe her? Cut your losses and look for someone you can trust. You are in my prayers.

Fr. Vincent Serpa. O.P.

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