Should I give up on this girl?

I have liked this girl since the middle of May and she likes me too. The problem is that she has performed a sexual act with a friend of mine and had sex with another guy. She is waiting to see these guys in the next week or two, but she said that she doesn’t know if she can handle to see them because she said she might do something with them. She said that I have to wait until she sees them and then she will know if she is able to date me.

Why would you think that a girl who acts this way with two other guys (one of them a friend of yours) – and thinks she might do so again – would have any special feelings for you? Even if she does have special feelings for you, why would you believe that she could remain faithful to you, especially if you choose not to have unchaste relations with her?

This girl has too many problems in her life right now and you cannot rescue her from them. Say a prayer for her that she will find the help she needs to reclaim her purity and then move on.

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