Should I go in to work tomorrow if it seems unnecessary to me?

Ok so I’m a college student and I’m working at an amusement park for the summer. My job is to survey guests in the park about how they like the park, it’s a requirement by the corporate company that owns the park that we have a certain number of surveys submitted each week(meaning they are due Monday morning) well today (Saturday) we finished our quota for this week so I see no necessary reason to come into work tomorrow even though my co workers are working tomorrow and I think my boss just expects me to come in so that we’ll get ahead for next week’s quota. I really don’t want to commit a mortal son by doing unnecessary labor tomorrow, would working my job tomorrow be grave matter?

Am I under moral obligation to call my boss tomorrow morning to ask off?

I think you have an obligation to speak to your employer, they are after all paying you money to do a task, if you have filled your quota. , then you could advise them of that, and because of that fact, you prefer not to work on a Sunday ,but if they insist that you have an obligation to work on a Sunday because they are paying you to, then to work you go,
Plus your work colleagues may be happy to share you company,because they might not really want to be their either,but feel an obligation to their employer

Unless you want to be their FORMER employee, I’d get up and go to work.

If you are scheduled to work tomorrow, then you have an obligation to your employer to go in and work. It is not a sin for you to go in and work.

It sounds as though you are part of a “team” (you said, “**we **finished **our **quota” and “so that **we’ll **get ahead”). Are you one of them, or you have an individual quota? If a team, is the team working tomorrow as part of its planned activities?

I get the feeling you don’t understand what a “servant” is and what a “lord” is. When you take a job, you are, in effect, contracting to be a servant of your boss, your lord, and to be available to do his bidding as he wishes, not as you wish. If you go to work tomorrow in spite of what you would wish to do yourself, you will be getting a good lesson is what it is to have Jesus as your Lord, looking to see what He needs and ignoring what seems temporally desirable to you.

John Martin

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