Should I go to Confession again?


A week ago, I went to Confession. I received Absolution from my Priest and performed the assigned Penance. However, I felt like I did not perform my Confession well enough. I was mentally and physically tired due to lack of sleep at the time and I was partially focused on “getting this over with” so I could procure a certain luxury after my confession. I can not say for sure if I did give a sincere Confession, especially since I am a bit scrupulous.

I did do the assigned Penance and I did admit to the Priest my mortal sins (although I might have been scrupulous about some of those sins as well). Can anyone provide me guidance on whether or not I should go to Confession again or if what I did was adequate enough? I would appreciate it if you were to cite the Catechism, the Bible, or any other Catholic-Approved source. Thank you in advance.


I don’t have any citations to contribute (I’ll leave that to others), but if your last confession has caused you enough concern so as to post this tread, I’d would just recommend you go again to clear your conscience!


It sounds as if you did the minimum requirements thus fulfilling what was necessary. You may have been a little preoccupied, but as long as you did what was necessary and had at least imperfect contrition, I think it turned out OK.

Sometimes confession does bring about tears and deep regret over different things, but I guess feeling that bad over your sins is more of an emotional thing, and as long as you were sorry, that is the requirement.


I’m with CalCatholic.

Custódi nos, Dómine, ut pupíllam óculi.
Sub umbra alárum tuárum prótege nos.


Since you do suffer from scrupulosity, your guidance really should come from your priest. But there is nothing in what you wrote to indicate that you did not make a proper confession.


This is the worst possible advice to give to the scrupulous.


Thank you all for your replies. I am sorry I was late in showing my gratitude. I have decided that it was not necessary for me to go to confession again. I really do appreciate the assistance. Hearing the advice of others helps me to better discern what is truly right and wrong and to better fight against my scruples. God bless.


I will say a little prayer now that God may guide you and help you out of the scruples.
I know how this is… scrupulosity, I mean.


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