Should I go to Confession for this?

There have been two situations this week where I think I participated in gossip. The problem is that I did it out of habit rather than on purpose and didn’t realize what I was doing until I was in the middle of my first sentence.

The first time, I was sitting outside the student union of my college with my boyfriend when a girl we went to high school with rode by on her bike. She’s goth-punk, wears all black and whitens her face. My boyfriend mentioned her appearance and I said that I thought that she would be much prettier if she didn’t wear so much black makeup. (I’ve seen a picture of er without it.) I also said that she seemed nice but when I was friends with her on Facebook she complained a lot in her statuses so I unfriended her.

The other time I was talking to a co-worker of mine at the pool we work at. He mentioned that he wouldn’t eat food from the concession stand that we work in unless he made it himself. He said that he was particularly wary of one of the other people who works with us. I then told him about a time I came in on the shift after him, and a lady complained that he didn’t fill her soda all the way, and when she asked for him to fill it the rest of the way he charged her for another soda.

I think I have a tendency to be scrupulous, but I’m trying to figure out what I need to be aware of so I can avoid it in the future. And again I realized that what I was saying was most likely wrong as I was saying it.
Thank you for any help! (Sorry this post is long)

If it really bother you, confess. But I don’t think you have been sinning. Maybe not choose the words right but that’s all.

If you are concerned then you can mention it in confession, same as anything. This is what all our lives are like: recognising our faults and striving every day to be better. We will never be perfect in this life but we can grow in love.

Heh, figures I would be anxious about nothing. Thank you for your responses!

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