Should I go to Confession? Unsure if I am in a state of mortal sin?


I recently went to Confession (10 days ago) but last week I was having some family issues and I got really angry which has caused me to question should I go to Confession again so soon? For the feast of the Assumption the Catherdral I attend is celebrating Latin Mass with confession beforehand. Would anger be considered a mortal sin? I really want to receive Holy Communion tomorrow especially at the Latin Mass but I am unsure of I need confession first, any advice would be much appreciated thank you.

  1. Whether we should go to confession shouldn’t depend on how long ago our last one was, but on the current state of our souls.
  2. You should probably speak to your priest about this.


Is anger a mortal sin? I am not sure. But I do normally confess my anger with others when I go to confession.
For me, anger oft times leads to the use of profane language. I sometimes use the Lord’s name in an inappropriate manner.
God bless you. I will pray for you.


Anger isn’t the sin; Christ was angry when he turned over tables at the temple. It’s what the anger causes you do that may be sinful.

Is it causing you to hurt people? Seek vengeance? Wish ill will on them?

Call your parish and see if your priest can slip you in for a last-minute Confession. But there’s a good chance that you’re not in a state of mortal sin. It depends on the context.


IMO, (due to experience) I would get to the church early and be #1 for Confession because Confession is the ultimate “problem solver”. Just take your I’m sorry for being so angry to Our Lord and enjoy being so close to Him at Mass! Have a great tomorrow!


Anger isn’t a sin, it’s your reaction to it that could be.

Unfortunately, all I can suggest is all you can do is go to confession if at all possible and let the priest decide. Very few of us here have the gift of reading souls. Pray fully contemplate if you should receive communion if you can’t go to confession and make the best decision you can.


Generally in the confessional. Seriously, one shouldn’t have to contact a priest to determine if one should go to confession. A good rule of thumb, (for those who are NOT scrupulous), if you question if you need to confess something, then confess it. The priest can give guidance then on if it should be confessed routinely or not.


It’s never a bad thing to go to confession, even for venial sins. Only people with scrupulosity risk going to Confession too often.


NOTE: I would not call the parish/priest about this.

@therese11 - you said there will be confession before the Latin Mass tomorrow… simply go to confession at the confessional tomorrow at the Cathedral.

No reason to call your parish and schedule an appointment with Father.


I go confession for anger


If there is any doubt, don’t beat yourself up over it, go to confession.


Better safe than sorry! I go to confession weekly even if i’m not in mortal sin. We obtain graces when we confess venial sins, imperfections and even previously absolved mortal sins. Many of the Saints practiced this. So long as you are aware whether or not the sin you confess is mortal or venial and do not despair then you should be ok.


St. Pope John Paul II was an advocate of weekly Confession. Pope Francis goes to Confession every other week. To go to Confession now puts you in the company of Popes.


ok firstly, do you have scruples.

but if you have doubts, go to confession, ask the priest.


You would have to elaborate on your situation with the priest, but keep in mind that there are different kinds of anger. It is a natural human emotion. There is even righteous anger, like when Jesus banished the money changers from the temple. We can’t always help how we feel, the difference is how we respond to our anger.


And in your anger you lashed out at someone, hit him on the nose and sent him to hospital, yes?

And you spread all sorts of tales as a result, thereby ensuring you ruined his life?

Then you dug your key into the side of his pretty little souped-up four wheel drive. Carved your name into his leather seats. Then you took a Louisville slugger to both headlights, slashed a hole in all four tires.

And you then went and killed his dog?

No? You just felt anger? Didn’t say anything mean, or hit anyone, destroyed someone’s car, or killed his pet?

Goodness. Let it go and go to Communion.


After praying for guidence about my decision last night and today earlier, I decided to receive Holy Communion. Glad I did I felt at peace afterwards :blush: thank you all for your kind advice x


When I’m in state of mortal sin I feel that something is just rotten inside. Hard to sleep and can’t focus on anything. Confession has the amazing effect of making that feeling completely go away.


And in fairness, I should say apologies to Carrie Underwood for this one.


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