Should I go to confession when I know I'll just fall again quite quickly?


Hi everyone. I’m considering going to confession later but I know I will just fall again, maybe as soon as I get home. Should I even go to confession since I know I’ll fall again and possibly so soon? :shrug::confused:


I would say YES! Tell the priest exactly what you just shared here. He may not be able to absolve you of the sin since you admittedly are saying that you are going to go right back and do it again. But he can offer you wisdom, guidance and help if you are truly sorry and looking to resolve this hurdle.

We all fall but we all need to pick ourselves right back up again. The priest is there to help with all of these things. I will keep you in my prayers.

Good luck! May God’s grace be sufficient for you!


As long as you try not to sin again. If you go into confession and intend to walk out of their to sin again then it would not be a valid confession.


Oh ok. Thank you for this advice. I am pretty sure that the priest would be able to absolve me from my sins because at the time of the confession, I intend to not sin again. It is not until later that the intention to sin comes along.

Well, at the time of the confession, I have every intention of remaining faithful to the Catholic Church. It is not until later that I decide that I am going to sin. I believe that this is in large part due to my mental illnesses which cause me to have instability in the way I view myself. The way I view myself frequently changes due to my borderline personality disorder. The thoughts I have frequently change due to my adult ADHD. And I often despair and therefore seek an easier way due to my major depression.


Sounds like you can make a valid confession. :thumbsup:

Remember you can go to confession often. I attend confession often because I fail too frequently. But I always intend to never sin again every time I confess.


Oh ok. I am glad to know that it sounds like I can make a valid confession. :slight_smile: I so totally want to receive my Lord in the Eucharist tonight! :extrahappy:

Pray for my new relationship that it would be successful

Some one once asked, “What do you do in a monastery all day?”

The old monk replied, “We fall down and get up–and fall down and get up–and fall down and get up. And one day we fall down and pick ourselves up on the other side of the threshhold of heaven.”



You think because you sin so much that you cannot receive God’s Mercy? That is a mad thought, and one from the devil! Trust in Jesus and accept His Mercy through the Sacrament of Confession. He gave it to you because He knew you would need it, poor sinner! :slight_smile:


Dear Holly
If you broke your arm would you go to the doctor to get it fixed?
When you have a sick and broken soul the priest is your doctor.
Go often even when you don’t need to and try and stop the small sins if you can. it’s a struggle for us all. Try to focus more on the struggle. God knows what weak, fallen creatures we are. He just wants to see us struggle and try to improve. If we do this he’s happy with us.
God bless and I’m praying for you:thumbsup: :slight_smile:


I too would encourage you to go. I just recently went to confession for the first time in a number of years (been so long I can’t even remember). I knew some of the sins I was confessing were pretty likely to happen again. All you can do is to pray for strength to resist sinning again, no one can say they for sure will never sin again.


Keep going. Every once in a while, you may hit a gem of insight in addition to being reconciled. Its a nice feeling.

If you keep going (and you probably should), the priest can gauge where you are at and help you more each time.


Assuming you might is different from knowing you will. You don’t “know” that you “will.” Grace transforms. Most ingrained, chronic behaviors cannot change without both actual and sanctifying graces, and the latter are provided only by the sacraments.

I should especially go to confession whenever I commit my most frequent sins…

…so that they will be come less and less frequent.:slight_smile:

For myself, I find re-confessing the same sins extremely annoying. If you confess often, you have, like me, a high motivation not to commit the same pathetic sin you despise, and despise sharing. The devil is very aggressive during these tenuous between-confession periods – or any time when we are aiming to grow in holiness. This is his opportunity to confirm us in our sin: to convince us “it’s no use,” “I can’t change,” etc. He wants us to stay in his power or return us to his power, (depending). God is absolutely more powerful than the devil; do not let the devil, who equates himself with God, persuade you otherwise. Do not listen to that doubting voice, as it is not the voice of God. Keep going to confession!


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