Should I go to confession yet?

A little background: I grew up in the Catholic Church and received baptistm, Eucharist and First Reconciliation. When I was 15 or so, I ran away from home, had a child at 16, and lived a life full of sin until recently. I’m 25. I am in the RCIA and am being confirmed this Easter.

My questions are: should I go to confession yet? Or wait until I am confirmed? Secondly, how in the world am I going to confess the tens of thosands of sins I’ve committed since my last confession?

Thank you so much for your help.

Definitely go to confession immediately. Just do the best you can at remembering them, the priest will help you. Be sure and tell him its been along time since your last confession. All of your sins are forgiven at absolution as long as you don’t willfully hold any back.

If you wait until confirmation you will be confirmed in the state of mortal sin, you wouldn’t want to do that.

God Bless you and welcome back home!

You have received 1st Reconciliation so YES!!! Go to confession

However…Please be careful in what you confess. Do a through examination of conscience and confess only what you are truly sorry for.

For instance - you could confess that you are sorry for having offended God in behaving in a promiscuous manner, but unless you really regret having your child, do NOT confess that you are sorry you became pregnant as a teenager.

Do you get what I mean…you are sorry for the act but not the outcome?

Thanks! :smiley:

Good point, Maureen. I’m glad you said that. I’ll definitely think about what exactly I want to say.

in fact you must confess all mortal sins of which you are aware before confirmation so that you can have accesses to the grace and effects of that sacrament.
Luckily you don’t have to list each of the 10M by name, there are only 10 commandments.
The priest will guide you, simply begin your story the way you did here.
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Confess what is sinful. I once thought I could just confess the things I was sorry for, and just keep on committing the sins iwas enjoying, but that is not so. Put it all out there.

If you deliberately hold back a mortal sin (because you’re not sorry for it), your whole confession is invalid and you have committed another mortal sin of sacrilege. Try to find some imperfect contrition and if necessary, discuss it with your confessor.

A mortal sin honestly forgotten is forgiven, but if it comes to mind later, you should mention it in your next confession.

You mention that you are in RCIA. Usually they will cover these things, and indicate when you should go to confession. But definitely go before receiving the sacrament of Confirmation.

The Lord be with you, and welcome home!

Added after re-reading Maureen’s response:

Having intercourse outside of marriage is indeed a mortal sin and must be confessed.

That a child came of it was a natural consequence and the will of God. It was not a sin. That you had the child instead of an abortion means you avoided another mortal sin. Your child is an example of God bringing good out of evil.

Confessing thousands of sins is as easy as you want it to be. “I did (blank) thousands of times.” That’s all there is to it. :slight_smile:


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