Should I go to Confession?

So I have come to be in a state where i feel like I am unsure about the existence of God.I guess I would say right now I’m an Agnostic Catholic :shrug:. However I am also aware that I am in a state of mortal sin that I would like to get out of, however I don’t know if it would be best for me to go to confession with the doubts and feelings of uncertainty about God that I have right now. Taking all of that into consideration, should I go to confession even though I feel uncertain about God’s existence?

Yes, please go. You can also briefly discuss your doubts in the confessional. Your priest will be able to give you better advice than here.

Yes - confess your doubts! Not that you’ve necessarily sinned by doubting - it is /objectively/ a sin, but you probably didn’t think, “Hmm, how can I offend God? Oh, I know! I’ll doubt His existence!”, so it may be only a temptation or an imperfection. But it may be more important than whatever other sin you want to get rid of. A priest can’t give absolution to someone who doesn’t believe in God (I think . . .?), but he may be able to if you still believe in Him enough to go to Confession. And whatever else, he’ll be able to help you.

I’ll pray that you win against this problem, and that you’ll receive absolution.

And sorry if I sound too commanding. This is what I think is best, but I’m only a teenager and no kind of expert. Anyway, I’ll pray for you.

If this doubt is involuntary than go to Confession. Involuntary doubt is not a sin, however prolonged willed doubt is of grave matter.

Are you happy to stay an “agnostic catholic” or do you WANT to believe in God but just aren’t at that point yet? Do you want to believe in God, and are you actively trying to resolve your doubts by reading/studying/discussing your doubts with faithful Catholics/praying that God will show you the Truth, etc.? Or are you just wanting to make a confession “just in case” God and Hell are real, but don’t really want to change your way of thinking or your life? Your lack of belief may actually be a condition of your being in mortal sin at the moment. I was likely in a state of mortal sin for many years because I was a “cafeteria catholic”, and I wasn’t trying to resolve my doubts about certain Church teachings either. But three years ago I repented of my sins, went to Confession, and resolved to learn all I could about Church teachings. After going to Confession, it was like a “light” turned on. Suddenly I could see even more things I had done or failed to do, and Church teachings began to make sense to me. Have you repented of your sins? In other words, if you go to Confession, are you prepared to confess ALL that the Catholic Church teaches are sins and resolve never to commit them again? If you truly wish never to commit mortal sin again and you truly WANT to believe in God–if your heart is sincere–then Confession may be the right thing to do. Because it will give you light to see God and to understand Church teachings. If you decide to go to Confession, simply tell the priest what you told us here, make a complete, honest confession, and then resolve to try to settle your doubts by prayer and doing all you can. Maybe you should seek a good priest and discuss your question with him.

Go anyway. It can’t hurt anything.

“Doubt” is often simply a sign that you have an important question that you need to ask out loud. If the priest has time for extra discussion, you could mention your question to him, and see what comes of it.

First, I would like to thank all of you for posting what you have all shared with me. I have decided to go and confess my sins and to be more responsible about trying to find the truth. I think I will also try to get in contact sometime soon with my pastor or one of the deacons I know at my parish. Thanks and God Bless :).


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