Should I go to daily Mass?


I am a university student and the only practicing Catholic in my family. During my time away at school, I started attending daily Mass. However, in a week I will be going home for the summer and am afraid that even suggesting the idea of me going to daily Mass will not go well with my parents. They have already been very upset in the past because of my insistence on going to Mass every Sunday, but slowly accepted it (for the most part; sometimes they still try to talk me out of it because they still think it is extreme).
I know daily Mass is not mandatory, but it has helped me a lot in my spiritual life and I really look forward to that time with Jesus every day- when I have to miss daily Mass I feel like something is missing. I feel like I should at least try talking to my parents about it. But at the same time I don’t want to push my parents away even more from religion (they are atheists). Any advice and thoughts?


I can understand the dilemma. They may not be happy with your choice given their choices, but you cannot be afraid to be who you are now in Christ. I think an open and honest discussion would be best. If you still couldn’t come to terms then I would consider setting aside that time for mass reading and the liturgy of the hours.


Yes! Absolutely. The graces we receive at Mass are inconceivable. You can do nothing more charitable for your loved ones than have Mass said for them while they are alive. Many souls have been saved in this way.

If you have not read it, definitely consider reading Ven. Rev. Martin von Cochem’s book on the Holy Mass. It will change your life for the better. It can be found online here:

It is certain that God desires us to receive Him frequently in the Holy Eucharist, so follow that inspiration! I would be honest with your parents; tell them why you wish to go to daily Mass.

If you participate devoutly in the divine mysteries, they will inevitably see a transformation in you. This might get them thinking about the good God :slight_smile:

You are in my prayers.


Go to Mass as often as you want to and can. At your age, you should allow NO ONE to dictate when you go to Mass, nor shame you into not going. Your parents DO NOT have your best interests at heart…your going to Mass regularly on Sundays and additionally during the weak makes them uncomfortable. That is their problem; don’t let it become yours.

I’m not saying you should disrespect your parents, but, at your age, they should be as respectful of you as they wish you to be of them.

Pray for them daily: they need it.

Pax Christi!


Don’t get into arguments with your parents. Just show them respect and go to mass. I’ve found that when people give me a hard time about things I do, I just say cheerfully, “Sorry you feel that way.”, and go about my business.


You are doing nothing wrong. Definitely go to mass, daily mass brings us closer to Jesus. Stand firm in your catholic faith and do what you know is right in your heart. I think God will help you through this. I came across a novena a few months ago as I had some problems and this novena helped me it’s called Mary undoer of knots, it’s a very powerful novena and there is nothing Our holy Mother wouldn’t do for us Her children. The words in the daily prayers are beautiful. Another and of course very powerful is the rosary as it is the weapon. God will help you and guide you on how best to sort everything out. The novena I suggested never fails


If you are old enough to go to college, you are old enough to go to Mass without making a big deal about it. Just go. Stop at the coffee shop on the way home and bring your mom back a latte. In three weeks, if you hang around the house in the morning, she’ll ask if you going to get her coffee. :slight_smile:


Excellent idea!!!:thumbsup:


Continue to attend daily Mass if you are able to do so. There is no better thing you can do for your spiritual growth & development.


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