Should I go to Life Chain or not?


This Sunday there will be a Life Chain downtown, and I want to feel like I’m doing something to help, but thinking about going makes my anxiety shoot through the roof. I have a ton of conflicting emotions because one part of my brain is saying that if I don’t go I’ll miss out on an opportunity to meet people and do the right thing, but another part is saying that it could be dangerous, and another part is saying that I’m a failure for not taking risks and take up a cross like God wants me to do, and another part is saying that I’d break down and make a mistake if I do it, and that I should look for other, less stressful ways to do the right thing. Bear in mind that I really don’t feel that agonizing about the Church and social justice is good for my health, and I really just want to do God’s will.


I stopped attending when our local group became overtly political in nature.

As it is a silent event, you will not do more than nod at new people, it is not a socialization event. With the climate today, it could be dangerous, I’m not going to lie. If I’d not already stepped away I would likely not go this year unless I had a “big guy” to go with me.


If you’re not comfortable going, stay home and pray and do good in that way.

I’ve gone a few times, it’s not terribly dangerous here IMHO as the city here is not all that big, a large group goes, and the police tend to keep an eye out when we go, but I can see where it is not everybody’s cup of tea. I agree it is not a socialization event. Many of the people who go are not even with my parish, they just go around attending the various Life Chain type events at different parishes.


You can do a lot of good by staying home and praying a Rosary, or meditating on some bible verses of your choice.

Agonizing about what to do doesn’t sound good.


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