Should I go to mass if

Earlier this morning I was exhibiting symptoms of illness, but now I feel perfectly fine. My symptoms included vomiting and possibly a fever, but it’s been 6 hours and they are pretty much gone. Should I, then, go to the evening mass at my parish, or should I assume the worst and stay home in case I am still contagious or the symptoms return?

Please stay away. You could be infectious for at least another 24 hours. Think of the elderly, those whose immunity is suppressed and young children.

Hi Butaperson,

I agree with Emily. I would not go today.

I’m a teacher.

The rules for schools is that a child who has vomited is not to return to school for at least 24 hours since the last bout of throwing up. This is not arbitrary. You got those germs from someplace. Please keep them to yourself for a little while longer. :console:


I pray that you get well soon! And I agree with the other posters… stay away until you are sure that you are not contagious any longer. And, before people jump on me, I do understand that we are often contagious with illnesses directly before we show symptoms. However, once you actually know, charity would dictate that you take other people’s immunity concerns in consideration.

I’ll agree with the others with one addition. Don’t go anywhere. If you would go to the store or to a movie or to a restaurant, then you should go to Mass. But if you are sick enough to stay home from Jesus, then please, stay home from everything.

:thumbsup: Yes!!! Especially because money, debit machines, etc. are primary sources of infection. When sick, if at all possible, one should avoid going out in public. I do get that visits to the doctor, pharmacy and a store to get orange juice, chicken noodle soup, etc. might be considered necessary

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