Should I go to mass tomorrow?


I promise this is the very last thread in my never-ending saga of being scrupulous about having a cold.
I’ve been sick for the past week but I’m definitely pulling out of it. My throat still hurts, but not much; it’s been on and off for a while. My nose is sniffly, but not stuffed like it used to be. I have a quite infrequent cough. I’m not sleepy or lethargic in the slightest and I’ve pretty much resumed life as normal here at home.

So I’m probably still a little bit sick, but not much at all; the virus is near gone. That said, should I go to mass tomorrow? It’s not a big deal if I can’t, I will just do some extra prayers and such, but I would really like to if you think I ought. I’m at the point in time where I’m grappling over whether it would be sinful to miss, or sinful to go. I’d make sure to sit alone near the back and not shake hands or take the wine or anything. I would play it safe and stay home except I’m wondering if I’m not better enough that it would turn into the sin of omission! :rolleyes:

Thanks for putting up with me and all my ridiculous scrupulosity. I just need your opinion on this one last thing and then I’ll put all this behind me until flu season next year :p:D


Go to Mass.


Yes, agreed!~


Couple of thoughts:

  • If you are well enough to go out…to the gas station, grocery store, fast food restaurant etc, then you’re well enough to go to mass.

  • If you think you are still contagious, stay in the back of Church and don’t shake anyone’s hand at the sign of peace and don’t drink out of the cup, receive the Eucharist by hand only.

IMHO, you sound ready to go.



Go. Don’t take the cup, use hand sanitizer before the sign of peace, or politely nod or use a non-contact sign of peace.


My only objection is, if you don’t understand the difference between wine and The Precious Blood Of Our Lord. Maybe you need some good instructions before you do anything. Have you been to Confession since your came back, before receiving Communion? It is a “big deal” if you miss Mass unnecessarily. And a ’ extra prays’ won’t suffice. Another question, if your not afraid to come in contact with the people in your ever day life, why are you worried about the few you are near at Mass? God Bless, Memaw


please don’t sit near me.:o


Yes go to Mass. If you are on the mend you probably aren’t contagious. Just try to avoid holding hands and shaking hands. If you had just come down with something and had a fever then you probably should stay home.

One time I had a coughing fit at Daily Mass and nobody tried to shake my hand.:blush:


I assure you I know the difference between wine and The Precious Blood of Our Lord, I was just typing this out in a hurry and taking some language shortcuts. I won’t be receiving communion without confession. And that’s why I asked the question! I wasn’t sure. I’m still a new Catholic and it’s great to have the advice of other people so that I can figure out situations like this. With all the wonderful advice received here, I will go to mass, sit in the back, not receive The Precious Blood (or any communion at all), not shake hands, and it will be wonderful :slight_smile:


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