Should I go to my company's holiday party--alone?


My husband has to work late tomorrow night…and through the holidays. He will not be able to attend my company’s holiday party with me. Would you go alone, and make an appearance? Would you stay home, and make up an excuse? Would you be honest and tell people that you feel uncomfortable going without your spouse?

Truth is, I do not want to go without him. Everyone will be paired off, and I just would rather not go, but on the flip side, I do not want people to look at me as not a team player, or something. Many people are not going, as they have other commitments. I already sent my RSVP that I’d go, so is it too late to back out?:o Your advice means a lot to me.:slight_smile:


From my experience, there are always some people who attend the Company Holiday party sans spouse. Even those who do have spouses, the work people tend to talk about work and the spouses sort of stand around bored.

My advice, it is important to go, show up and make an appearance. The owners are trying to do something nice, it is polite to show your appreciation by showing up.

Question - is it dinner or just a cocktail party?


I believe it to be like a buffet style thing…standing around, drinks…wine, beer…etc. Nothing formal, per se. I have been to those gala type events in the past…this is actually at one of my coworker’s homes. I have really not wanted to go ever since I knew my hubby couldn’t go with me. But, your point about being polite, etc makes a lot of sense.


I was reading an article on yesterday about the do’s and don’ts of work holiday parties. Making an appearance was stressed every bit as much as not getting drunk. At my work there are two kinds of Christmas parties–the ones at the office and the ones at my co-workers’ homes. It is more important to attend the ones at the office, but I try to make an appearance at both…in a way, it’s part of being a good employee.:slight_smile:

Unless there’s a really good excuse, people who don’t show up, often get talked about…:rolleyes::shrug:


If you are comfortable going by yourself and it would mean something to the host and your colleagues than no problem going. If you have one of your coworkers or another couple near by go with them. My wife always invites wives who’s husbands can not make an event. I have no prob at all with a third wheel either.:stuck_out_tongue:

Sometimes I think she enjoys being girl friend’s - girl friend more than she likes being a wife.:rolleyes:


aw…I doubt that, TIME.:o

Thanks for your answer. The person throwing the party, stopped over into my office recently, and asked specifically if I was attending…so…I should go. I just feel weird about going without my husband…not sure what my problem is.:blush:


I wondered if that might happen too! I don’t have a valid excuse, really. lol Just feel awkward without my hubby there…:shrug:


If you feel you should go, but are uncomfortable w/o your husband, look at it as an opportunity to get out of your comfort zone and challenge yourself.

I’d feel the same way you do, but part of the business world is the politics. (which I hate, but it is what it is!) You may have a better time that you expect. --KCT


Think about it this way, if your job required you to attend a conference in Chicago, you would go. In fact, I’d imagine you (like me) have done your share of business travel.

At many conferences, there will be dinners or social events, you’d not feel strange attending these business events without your husband there - so, just consider this another business event. It is just not in Chicago :cool:


My DH went to his Command Christmas party alone just last night. We both thought the baby would be here by now so we didn’t arrange a sitter and/or plan on going at all. DH thought he would be on paternity leave. More than anythign he wanted today off. I wanted him to take off too! If he didn’t go he would have had to work today, so he went. I think he had a good time? I was asleep when he came home. I am letting him sleep in today. My DH is not the type to go out, especially without me, so I was surprised at how adamant he was about going. I was a little sad about it though, I feel very 9-month pregnant and trapped. I wanted a date with my DH!!

So, I say make an appearance, have a good time. Have a glass of wine, eat some good food, and bow out early. :thumbsup:


I didn’t vote because there was no option for this - GO and have a good time! I’m not saying to dance on the tables and be the talk of the office tomorrow, but go and enjoy yourself with those you spend a great deal of time with throughout the year.

And wish them all a Very Merry Christmas!! :thumbsup:



haha i like your post lizanne!!!:smiley:

Okay you guys…I’m going to GO! I’m going to have a good time…my husband has no problems with me going, so why shouldn’t I go? I’m not a shy person, so not sure what my hang up is…other than my dh usually goes with me, naturally. I think it’s important to go, in a way–so I’ll be there with bells on (ok, maybe not):smiley: Thank you very much for your thoughtful replies!


One year I took a girlfriend with me because dh worked in retail and worked ungodly hours… We had alot of fun… besides, there were door prizes, and I usually won a gift card for a restaurant and would take dh out after Christmas.


**I’m glad you decided to go. It’s one of those things where you’re not likely to regret doing it but I’m pretty sure you would regret not doing it, kwim?

And I say wear the bells:p



Don’t for get to post the pictures you take from your cell phone camera.:stuck_out_tongue:


:stuck_out_tongue: back at ya! I don’t think so. lol


have we met? how do you know me so well?:eek: :smiley:


LOL ,just giving you the advice I would give myself:)


I’m also glad you decided to go. Since you had your little escapades with another employer, it might have been an occasion to start or continue rumors about you had you not gone. You never know who knows what… no matter how discreet you’ve been.

I also did not vote because the option to go and have a great time was not included. I hope you did have a great time. :smiley:



I have two part time jobs, both workplaces are throwing Christmas parties that sound really good.

Unfortunately if I am to have a chance of seeing my family during the holidays without the travel costing an arm and a leg I have to leave town a little early (on the day of the earlier party, as a matter of fact) and can’t attend either :frowning:

So go and have a good time for those of us who can’t!

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