Should I go to NYC without hubby or kids?


My sister asked me to visit her in NYC for 2 days.

My hubby said I can go because we can get a REALLY good deal on a flight. And he said he would take care of the kiddos.

But I feel guilty for going, like I am placing my needs above theirs. It is definately a fun trip and not for any particular reason other than visiting my sister.

What do you think?


I say GO! It’s only two days!

(And–he’ll be so happy to see you when you return!)


Definitely go. What a great hubby to encourage you to do it. And don’t feel guilty. It’s good for dad and kids to have special time together. Enjoy yourself.


If your husband is ok with it and you can trust him in taking care the kids and feeding them kids:D , you should go. You need this moment to recharge and get fresh.


Go & have fun! Don’t feel guilty… your children will have fun with their Dad I’m sure & he’ll appreciate you all the more. It’s a win-win! :thumbsup:


I think I would feel a lot less guilty if my 2 year old wasn’t so clingy. He loves his mommy and stands by the door waiting for me to get home from grocery shopping!

I do need some R & R though…


Certainly! Don’t feel guilty about spending some away time visiting your sister. We all need that on occasion. It sounds like your DH is supportive & loving, that’s great! Go and enjoy yourself:yup:


you go, girl, and kiss the guilt goodbye. It’s two days, not two months or two years. If gives dad and kids some valuable bonding time, gives you a break, and besides, who wants to drag the kids to Cats and Les Mis and Bloomingdales.

and just think how much DH will value what you do by the time you return. Clingy kids can really benefit from a mommy break, and learn dad is equally capable of caring and cuddling.


I say go ahead, is only for 2 days, and your husband seems to love you very much as he’s willing to take care of the kids while you’re gone!
Have a good time with your sister, it may be a nice change for a bit;)

Enjoy!!! :thumbsup: :smiley:


Wow! I LOVE those kittens!


I wasn’t lucky enough to have a sister, so I say GO!

There’s nothing wrong w/ mom recharging her batteries periodically. I go away for a long weekend every January on a silent retreat. I’ve been doing it for 10 years.

Take care of yourself, not just your kids. That’s not selfish, it’s practical.



GO! I actually went a step further, and took a 3 day cruise without my DH or kids (5, 5 and under). I don’t regret a second of it. Of course I missed them, but OH WHAT FUN! Your husband is fine with it,. and your 2yr old will not be scarred because you leave for 2 days. GO GO GO! And go without guilt!! :thumbsup:


Up, up and away…and leave any guilt at your doorstep. It will be good for your clingy one to see you can go away, you come back and in-between he has fun w/ daddy!


A two-year-old can handle two days with Dad instead of with Mom. If you want a corresponding guilt to push you, then remember that you have a relationship with your sister that deserves your time and effort, too. Don’t take her for granted! If you fast-forward and ask your now-twenty-two year old child, he is going to look at you as if you were nuts. If he even remembers those two days, he won’t think you should’ve stayed home to spare him time with his father!

There: Two days of your sister’s needs, and your child’s needs will be seen to by that other parent he has.

Go! :thumbsup:

PS Children have been known to get in a little huff when Mom comes back. Be ready for this, and do not take this personally. They get over it. You should, too.


it’s only 2 days…if it were a week or longer…i’d rethink it…but 2 days? have fun:)


just as an aside…it’s interesting how husbands say…‘go honey–i’ll watch the kids.’ uh…you helped make them, last time i checked --they were our kids. lol but, i say nothing–just interesting that other husbands say similar things to their wives.:stuck_out_tongue:


Hey! While you’re in NYC, call me; I’ll take you and your sister to lunch.


Go! Go! Go!

2 y/o sons benefit from having time with daddy. It is when they start to identify with him as they should. You will be helping him in his development as a man. So wipe the guilt away.


That was a kick in the pants (in a good way).
You are right, my sister does need time with me too!
You guys all have the best way to look at this!


Yes, go, have a good time. You need the rest. He can handle it for two days.

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