should i have insisted?

so, this past Monday, a couple of friends and I went to daily mass.

one of the girls is not catholic but wants to be, long story short, she is 16 and her parents are Indian and don’t like Christianity. but she wanted to see what mass is like so we stopped by the cathedral since we were hanging out downtown anyways.

the other girl that was with us is catholic but I guess not fully, e.g. she doen’st believe in confession. anyways, she ended up telling th younger girl that she could come up and receive a blessing instead of communion. I know, technically not supposed to be happening. the younger girl is pretty nervous about being alone and really didn’t want to stay in the pew by herself. and the three of us are totally blind, which makes things interesting, and I really didn’t want to lose her instead another parishioner tried to make her go up or something, who knows…

I don’t know if I did anything wrong in this case. mass was about to start, the other girl had already said it, I didn’t relaly have an opportunity to pretty ad tinterject and say she shouldn’t. but I was the one who brought both of them up, essentially. should I be telling the other girl she shouldn’t receive communion either because she refuses confession?

and did I do anything wrong by taking the younger to mass in the first place, I mean, it is technically going aginst her parents, they probably wouldn’t be allowing her in church. but she really really wants to be catholic

any potential mortal sin material?

or is this just scruples again?

You didn’t.




Yes. Definitely.

Which Commandment do you seem to think you have violated?

You know none of the Commandments have anything to say about this.

Yes it is your scruples. Again.

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