Should I have my home blessed?


Has anyone ever had any weird things happen around your house when you first started thinking of converting? My two year old recently has been getting up from 2:30-4 in the morning playing and talking which isn’t that weird except one night she was saying “grandma what you doing?” (She rarely sees her living grandmothers so i thought that was strange). One night she was saying a phrase my grandpa (who died 8 years ago this past week) used to say and one night for some reason she crawled under her bed (and got stuck) saying “get in the hole”. Then my order daughter had drawn a picture and hung it on the wall going up the stairs to the 2 year olds room (it’s been there for months) but the other night it was whipping around like someone walked by it. There’s really no source of air there and obviously no one was walking by it. This may sound like the dumbest post ever but I just wondered if anyone had anything strange happen in their home? Should I have our home blessed?


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