Should I have said or done something?

Recently I visited a number of cathedrals and churches with my family while on holiday. It was my desire to visit these holy places and my family followed along. However my mother was dressed a little immodestly i.e her knees and shoulders were bare. In fact if she had been dressed like she was and attempted to enter St. Peter’s, she would have had no chance of entry. Please understand my mother isn’t Catholic, and therefore is unaware of the need for modesty. But am I guilty of sin? Obviously I didn’t make my mother dress immodestly but I did lead her dressed as such into a cathedral. Should I have put my desire to visit these holy places aside knowing that my mother was dressed in such a way that was disrespectful to Our Eucharistic Lord present in the tabernacles of these churches?

God bless

No, you did not sin and neither did she. Our Lord welcomes us all, how lonely He is waiting for one voice to say “here I am Lord.”

No, she did not sin, and neither did you. You can’t really tell your mother to “get some clothes on”. (Or you can, but I do not recomend it if you still live with your parents.)

Having said that, I am all for “old fashion” dress when I attend mass. But I know that it really does not mean that much anymore, and in some sense, it is sad. But anyhow, you did not sin. And if we split hairs, your mother is not Catholi, she can not commit a “Catholic sin”.

While you did not sin, there is such a thing as respectful dressing for the occasion, you certainly would not be let into a Synagogue/ Mosque with arms bare, and a lot of Catholic Church’s in Europe, correctly so, its best to bring a light shawl so you put it around your shoulders and comes over the arms, there is place to wear a swimming suit and a place to not wear one. Our Lord is not that desperate for a visit where people need to wander around the Church nearly naked and take the attitude well that is the way I dress Lord, that is disrespect, not that you did this I know you didn’t I am just making the point, in Europe we dress more respectful going into our Church’s in any of the apparition’s how is Our Lady dressed, yes modestly, if Our Lady was to appear to you (not your mum as you say she is not a Catholic) I ask myself this all the time when I get dressed would I feel comfortable or uncomfortable. To our Divine Lord we give our utmost respect, we don’t leave it to other religions, Jewish etc to do this who also dress very respectful going into the synagogue, we should do no less.:signofcross:

Whether she dressed immodestly, what constitutes immodest dress, whether it is sinful, modern fashion, dress requirements in St. Peter’s Basilica, other faiths’ or nations’ views on modesty, etc. are irrelevant to your question.

You are NOT responsible for your mother’s actions.

This appears to be a sign of scrupulous behaviour. Please seek spiritual guidance from your priest if you continue to wrestle with matters over which you bear no responsibility.



Man o man, doesn’t she know The Lord only accepts Armani suits?

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