Should I have this necklace blessed?

I’m creating a custom necklace for a friend of mine, whose full-term second baby was stillborn. She also asked that I create a matching bracelet for her 5-year-old firstborn daughter.

My question: should I have these pieces blessed? My friend isn’t “religious at all” (her words), but I’d really like my priest to bless the necklace and bracelet–if for nothing else, to help impart comfort to my friend and her daughter.

But would doing so be under-handed on my part? I would definitely not want to do that, as that SO wouldn’t be my intention at all.

I trust your opinions. Would you have the necklace and bracelet blessed anyway?

I don’t see any problem with this! Underhanded? Not at all! It does not at all take away any of her free will for herself or her daughter!

I don’t see any problem with it. Your friend may not appreciate the gesture from a spiritual point of view, but hopefully it might register with her (I’m assuming you would tell her you had them blessed by your priest) somewhere down the road. Your intentions are good and honorable, and I don’t see why it would be a problem. I think it’s a very nice gesture on your behalf.:thumbsup:

Having the necklace and bracelet blessed… would be sort of like offering a prayer for your friend. My humble opinion. God bless.

A friend of mine calls this kind of thing “guerilla spiritual warfare.” :wink:

I have an agnostic friend who has a green scapular hidden in her house. . . :whistle:

I guess the only concern I would have is that it then becomes a sacramental - a blessed thing. Blessed items should be cared for appropriately. If she does not know this or understand it (or even care), then the items may not be treated as sacramentals.

Just a thought. :slight_smile:

I think this is a lovely thing you are doing for them. I’ll keep this family in my prayers - how very sad. :frowning:

You may wish to consider a lapel pin that matches in some way for the dad as well. He lost a child in this also. :wink:


Oh yeah - I’ve done that… hehehe :cool:


lol. Way 2 go BCM :wink:

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