Should I Join KofC?

I am a fairly devout Catholic, and want to join the KofC but I am scared about the oaths they ( Knights of Columbus) supposedly take, and I have heard that the oaths confirm that Protestants are going to suffer in hell eternally, and that the Children of Protestants and other non-Catholics should be slaughtered, and have their entrails torn out, is it true or not? Or are they not allowed to say?

Nope. The KofC is a pro-life, orthodox group that is faithful to the Pope and the Catholic Church. While each counsel might differ a little in how fervent or active they are, there is no ripping out of any entrails, or condemnation of anybody to hell. No worries there.

In Christ through Mary,

I am a Third Degree Knight of Columbus and Outside Guard of my council. If you’re a practical Catholic who’s looking to serve, I recommend speaking with a member of your local council. He can get you started on the application.

Know that Knights are expected to be pillars of faith and must not bring scandal to the Order or the Church, so if you’re living in sin, it might not be up your alley. I’m not trying to suggest anything here, but am only saying that because of your claim to be “fairly devout”. Just want to give you a heads-up.

I can only imagine who would’ve told you those things about the oaths, but he/she is completely wrong. As a devout Catholic and patriotic American, I was proud to become a Knight of Columbus, and it was an honor and a privilege to pledge the oaths and participate in each of the first three degree exemplifications. Our Brothers are some of the best people I’ve ever known, and it’s incredible how much good work we do for the Church, our community, and our families.

Also keep in mind that if you go through the First Degree and decide that the Knights are not for you, you can opt out at any time in the ceremony, no questions asked.

Good luck, and God bless!

P.S. For what it’s worth, we must remember that our Protestant brothers are indeed our Brothers in Christ, despite living without the Fullness of Christ that Our Lord has blessed the Church with. We are to love them as ourselves, and anyone, Catholic or not, who says otherwise just doesn’t get our Faith.

That’s all baloney.
Join the Knights of Columbus and you will see.

(And I might add, if you were asked to swear such an oath during a degree ceremony, there is nothing stopping you from just walking out.)

Mine was positively hippy-dippy compared to that entrail-tearing council.:wink:

Seriously, I don’t know where you heard that but from my experience it sounds ridiculous. KofC is a great organization.

Wow that’s crazy.

3rd degree Knight of Columbus

Mine was fine - until they brought the goat in:eek:

I’m joking! Keep your hair on!

I never saw anything of that sort during the ceremonies. There are plenty of websites on the internet that give details of the real ceremonies. Nonetheless, being a Knight has become one of the worst heartaches in my life, but not because of the secrecy or the ceremonies. My advice: run.

Dear Friend,

That’s a pretty big statement with nothing to help the OP or anyone who reads this post to understand your reasoning. Please help us to understand why it has been a heartache for you. I don’t doubt your sincerity but with no detail how can anyone weigh the merit of your position? After all, what causes you heartache may not cause me heartache.


:popcorn:I’m not up on the founding of the Knights of Columbus.I think they were founded to show that american catholics were loyal to this country, since Columbus discovered the Americas,hence the title Knights of Coloumbus, and as the catholic answer to the Masons,which catholics were not supposed to belong to.

There was then still predjudice against catholics,jews,etc.,and protestants often accused catholics especially immigrant s of being the pope’s agents so he could take over the country.
Just look up the Know Nothing Party, Awful Disclosures by Maria Monk,etc.
Why not check it out, and attend a few meetings.My parish had been doing a mens recruitment.
I guess they were looking for younger men to join.I’m sure they do a lot of good.

From what I remember, there were no oaths, as we would traditionally describe an oath. They were more akin to promises (I can’t go into details about it).

The list you gave are all false. There is nothing like that.

Ah yes, the goat. :stuck_out_tongue:

In a certain sense, you are quite right about the heartache, and that might be a big part of the problem. What causes me heartache does not cause the Knights heartache. In other words, my problem is my problem, not theirs, and I don’t think that’s how the Knights of Columbus presents themselves as one of their founding principles to the public.

When it comes to problems, even Job would run the other way, if he were one of my friends. I have numerous serious health problems, lost my work in 2004, went on SSDI in 2005, and declared Chapter 13 in 2006. My family problems are unbelievable, and my living conditions are scary. That does not mean, however, that I’ve asked the Knights for too much, and in fact, I think what I asked for was the absolute littlest, least, and most basic thing they could be asked for: a membership card. Not cash, not help around the home, just a membership card, after having paid dues for well over 20 years.

When my credit cards were all canceled at the end of 2005, and I stopped taking all of my medicines because I had no way to pay for them, my blood sugar went over 700, and the only reason I went to the hospital was that someone told me I would be treated for free, which it turned out wasn’t true, but I went to look into it anyway, and was not asked to leave the hospital, as I was in critical condition, and was told I would have lived only another 24 hours, had I not shown up when I did. I think it’s reasonable that when my dues notice arrived that month, that I wrote to the Financial Secretary and asked about a “dues waiver” that I seemed to recall existed, and the only answer I recieved was another dues notice, which I paid, despite not having money for medicines.

That was the last year I paid dues. Toward the end of 2008, I read something from the Grand Knight in a council newsletter about dues, and help for members, and so sent an email to the Grand Knight, and miraculously recieved an application from him, and returned it to the door guard at the next meeting, which was held at the church across the street from where I live. That, unfortunately, was the end of it. I did write subsequently to the GK, and discussed it personally with a couple of members of the council, and still no membership card. I did write to the Faithful Comptroller for the Fourth Degree, and got a membership card and a dues waiver from him, but now I was recently sent a bill from the new FC for back dues. As I recently mentioned in one of my other posts here on CAF, I’ve also been in touch wiith the District Deputy and State Deputy.

If a person is doing all right for themselves, and has a family, or someone, that helps them when they need it, and if they have enough money for themselves, or can take care of themselves, almost no one will ever find out that the Knights will not be there for them when they need them. If you have never had a fire in your house, you will never know if the fire extinguishers work. If you have never had a crime committed against you, you will never know how good the police are in your community. If you have never had a car accident, you will never know how good your insurance is.

If someone is looking for some fun, perhaps joining the Knights will be a good thing for them. If they are in some type of business, maybe they will network with some other business people. If someone joins a good council, and there may well be some out there, and if they have a need, maybe they will have some help. I know from experience, it didn’t happen for me.

I’m not good at writing long posts, so please, ask some questions, while I take a break.

Thanks for the follow up.

I’m sorry to hear of the difficulties you are having in your life. Regarding dues, I know that in my council we have waived dues for a few men over these last few years with the economy the way it has been. But you must remember that these types of things are reviewed every year so it shouldn’t surprise you to get a dues statement. If you need a waiver then you would need to ask again. That’s just the way it works.

The desire to become a Knight of Columbus should go beyond a desire to have fun or to make business contacts. The desire to become a Knight of Columbus should be to become a better Catholic gentleman. We serve the Church, her members and the community at large. Having fun and making business contacts may come with this service and that’s a great benefit to be sure but if that is a man’s primary goal for joining I think he will be disappointed.

God Bless,
3rd Degree

Nice one :rotfl:

Edit: To the OP, I don’t know were you got your information, but like what others have said, what youi’ve been told is BS. I’m currently not a Knight, but my step-dad is and I know of all of the good work they do not only in the Church, but in the Community as well.

I’m so sorry to hear about your problems,been through a few of my own. One assumes when you join a fraternal order, whether Catholic, Protestant or a group of mixed members, that the members help each other out in times of need.I guess it depends on the people invovled in the particule council if Ko C or lodge,if one is a mason.Some members are better at helping a fellow member when down, which is what I’m reading here,.And even though your problems were your own, it still would have been nice to get a little help from them.

To the original poster:

I had a great experience of the Knights in college. There’s nothing like the stuff you described, so don’t worry about it. I have no idea where you heard that.

My only issue came with joining a parish council upon graduating. I was looking for camaraderie, but most of the guys there were twice my age. It’s also a pretty big commitment in terms of the service, so unless you’re well-established in your career, have a set schedule, and are looking to take on something more, I don’t recommend joining the Knights yet.

There’s a lot of history. A lot of potential. A lot to be proud of when you become a Knight, but it really depends on where you are in life as to whether you should join or not.

And again, there’s nothing to worry about when it comes to the ceremonies. The Knights are definitely the good guys.


I understand what you’re saying but I’d invite you to take another look at the time commitments. What I like to tell guys (and I believe this) is that you are free to jump in as deep as you’d like. For example, if you can only help at one or two events during the year then that’s something. But if you’d like to take a larger role you can attend the business meetings or social gathers maybe volunteer to coordinate one of the events. It’s really up to you and what you can do.

I’m a married father of 5 (11 years to 9 months) so between work and family there is always something to do…but time is what you make of it.

I’m sure this varies but many of the events my council puts on are after Mass, like the Tootsie Roll drive. All that’s required is to stay a little bit late at the Mass you attended anyway.


I’m pleased to learn that your council has taken a step in the right direction of doing business the way the Knights are supposedly supposed to. It shouldn’t surprise me to get a dues statement the following year, but what should happen the same year that I submit the application for relief from dues? Shouldn’t I get some sort of notice that the application has been approved, especially if I specifically ask the Grand Knight, or if I ask other members to find out what’s going on? Do I not get a membership card, at least for that year, to allow me to attend meetings? Should I be ignored? Should a request to the Financial Secretary regarding dues relief be answered with just another dues statement, not a year later, but a month later?

I ask, not from the viewpoint of looking to get back in to the Knights, as I am absolutely disgusted with the whole organization at this point, and have given up hope for them. I feel this should be pointed out for the benefit of those who are questioning if they themselves should join, and also for the benefit of those who are already members, as they perhaps find themselves in a position to question their commitment, or perhaps they should question what they’ve committed to. I made a commitment too, and now I find no reason to believe that I was absolutely wrong the whole time.

It did look like there some opportunities for fun in the Fourth Degree for the married, and a nice social facility available for members at a larger nearby council, so I’m guessing that it may be part of someone’s desires to be a member. Someone on these forums recently asked a question about networking, so I guess that may be in the minds of some, but it wasn’t for me. Just this year, I received a reply to a personal email from the State Deputy, where he mentioned receiving 7 to 8 hundred letters just this fraternal year, regarding unpaid dues, so I’m guessing that people might be joining looking for something, and not finding it, and so they just stop paying dues. That’s not my style, but I suppose it is for some, so if someone is curious about what the Knights has to offer, maybe that’s what they do, so they join, look around, then stop coming around, and stop paying. I thought it was an honor to be asked to be a Knight. I expected to find opportunities for pro-life or apologetics activities, and instead, was insulted for being pro-life.

I like the ideas you list for becoming a Knight. I never saw any helps available in the Knights to become a better Catholic gentleman. I’ve done all of that outside of that organization. Although I was long a faithful Catholic, and surely before even becoming a Knight, unfortunately, I’ve been relegated by the Knights to a status less than that of the faithless, pro-abortion, “Catholic” politicians. I did participate in fund raising, and at meetings there were opportunities to vote for worthwhile charities, and I did volunteer for more, but those opportunities have been taken away from me now. It appears that, in order for one to participate in their fundraisers, one must pay their dues first, which they know was painfully difficult for me to do. Then, there are complaints in the newsletter that there were not enough people helping out at fundraisers. I’m generally not a conspiracy theorist, but in order for there to be so much success in excluding a member, it would take a concerted effort. This is my council’s solution for taking care of the neediest among them.

Thank you for your comments. I found them to be charitable, and took comfort in them.

Found this on YouTube:

♰ Blessed John Paul II ♰ on the Knights of Columbus ♰

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