Should I keep pagan decorations?

In the last few years I have become super OCD about making sure I am free from the influence of evil spirits. I’m wondering if it is okay to have certain “pagan” things in my room just for decoration. I have gathered several of these things from my travels. The one that I’m most worried about is this large Haitian tribal mask. I don’t know the significance of it, and I don’t particularly want to to look it up. I also have several Hawaiian tiki statues, as well as some strange little statues from Jamaica that a vendor gave me as part of a deal when I bought a T-shirt. Finally, I have two small Pacific Northwest totem poles. Is it okay to have these things, as long as I am only using them for decoration, or should I get rid of all of them? Advice?

There is a difference between paganism and cultural decorations.

Your problem is not the decorations but the self-described “super OCD.”

If the decorations bother you then get rid of them. Problem solved. :thumbsup:


I concur with TimothyH

Your problem is not the decorations but the self-described “super OCD.”

The hold the evil one had on us was broken when Christ died on the Cross. If you obsess about evil influences this can become superstition.

I would strongly encourage you to talk to your confessor or spiritual director.

I’m not particularly sure about this, but I think that the Vatican museums have a such things in them.

If these were objects that you used as part of some sort of pagan rituals that you were doing before you became a Christian, then i would definitely tell you to get rid of them. If they are just things of interest that you have for decoration, then I’d say you are fine… unless they started to move around or speak or do something scary… :smiley: OR if your interest in them led you to step away from your Faith and practice theirs.

:thumbsup: I agree, if they do any thing the objects are likely safe, but if they do any thing :eek: that makes the OP uneasy, get rid of them.

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