Should I leave Amnesty International?


I am concerned by the increasingly prominent pro-abortion stance taken by Amnesty International.

At the same time, I am a long-standing Amnesty member and know how important their work is in campaigning against internment, torture and summary execution in countries where the human rights record is poor. In the present global political climate, this kind of work is more necessary than ever.

Am I sinning if I give money to Amnesty? If I were to stipulate that my regular donation is not to be used for pro-abortion campaigning, would that be enough?

Another group that I am a member of is Open Doors, which campaigns against the persecution of Christians for their faith. Again, this is a laudable work, but it is very protestant-focussed, and in some cases even campaigns against the persecution of protestant Christians in countries like Mexico and the Philippines where a strong Catholic community is fighting to maintain its’ integrity, often by inappropriate means. Again, is it a sin for me to support them and remember them in my prayers, even though freedom of conscience is something the modern Catholic church supports?

It seems to me that all political activism involves some degree of compromise, even on single-issue policies like this. If I were to refuse to work with any group that doesn’t agree 100% with the teaching of the Church, I don’t know how I could achieve anything. I have always been involved in political campaigning, and don’t see how becoming Catholic should prevent me from doing that. I believe it is a talent God has given me to use in His service.

What should I do?



I would strongly suggest that you put ALL your efforts behind prolife. This is one movement that you don’t have to worry about. It is the most basic social issue of our time. If human life doesn’t matter, what good are all the other movements?

Fr. Vincent Serpa, O.P.

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