Should I look for a new job?


**Back in October the company i was working for started having some problems with the company that owned them…So i was temporarily laid off with the understanding that when the company could get on its feet again i would be rehired.

I have been on unemployment since then but it will be over in March( unless they approve extending it). Everytime i go in to talk to my boss he says just a few more weeks…

Its a great job and was actually heaven sent but i don’t want it to be march and then have them say “we still don’t have anything for you.” I know some things are in the works (we finally got our DVD’s into Sporting Stores, i work as their main video editor) but they are running into problems because they need a massive insurance policy.

So i guess i am just looking for advice, being a SAHM is not an option right now thanks to school loans;) But i will say it has been interesting staying home these last 4 months with my 2 year old.( which i have only been able to because of my unemployment payments). I have put my resume out on Monster and several other jobsites already, but i just don’t know if i should actively pursue looking for a new job…

Any thoughts, tips etc would be appreciated:D **


Look. A company as unstable as this is not a good employer. If it’s a great job and they need you, they can hire you back. Don’t tell prospective employers you might go back because it is more likely that you will not, especially if the new job turns out to be great.


get a job now if you need a job, and if the old employer calls you back offer to work on a contract basis on projects, not as an employee. If you are lucky you can find ways to do similar contracts for other companies using the same skills, which will give you more flexibility to be at home more. I imagine this job requires technology you don’t have at home, but if you come up with a solid proposal that shows you are committed to completing contracts on time, at their site, it might work out for you.


Hi Maria

I have worked in private business my whole life, I am amazed at some conceptions people have about business. First if you can not be honest with a business (example afraid they will not hire you) then to not work or shop there. Yes you need to actively applying for jobs and soon. Even if your last boss loved you and wants you back, he simply does not have money to pay you. If half of what you are hearing is true the insurance issues and such are out of his control. Second Getting a good job can take months so you better start soon. If you find a new job and then are offered your old job and make the decision to return to the first job - me honest. Walk up to your new boss ( in his office) and say thank you for this job but you are going to leave because a better offer was made. If he is a real businessman he will have no problem with that. If he has a problem with it he is not a real businessman. A real business person understand he competes with other business on both inbound and outbound (cost/price) if he wants you to stay he will offer more money. If any business person tries to get you to stay through loyalty run - they are probably dishonest! Ethical employee’s do have business loyalty but never to stay, the loyalty is to treat the business correctly as an employee. Example of business loyalty are do not lie, cheat, steal, as an employee; do the work you were paid for, inform the manager of pertinent information(to include notice to resign), give proper care to company equipment and assets, etc. I hope that is not tooo much of a rant. I wish you the best of luck and hope you get a great job. Remember an interview is a two way process you are interviewing them also.

Hope that helps


THanks for everyones advice, i have decided to start looking for a new job or at least see whats out there. If everyone could please keep me in their prayers i would appreicate it:)


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