Should I not receive communion after yelling at my mother?

I raised my voice after my mother continually walked in on me in the bathroom (I was undressed) I got angry and yelled at her not to do that and why she didn’t knock on the door.
I’m a 22 year old woman and I live with my mother.
I didn’t say anything hurtful and she wasn’t offended but now I’m afraid I can’t receive communion. Can I?
I will go to confession Saturday anyway but since I attend daily mass I want to be able to receive communion before then.
Am I in mortal sin?

I don’t see this as a mortal sin. Venial perhaps, but not mortal.

You can receive communion. This is not a mortal sin only venial. Just say an Act of Contrition.

Hi, You need to examine your conscience. If you feel it is a sin then you should go to confession. No one can tell whether you should accept communion, because we can’t examine your conscience.

I am guessing you already figured out what you are going to do about this. It does not sound like a mortal sin to me. That is a justifiable reason to get upset. And you said you did not say anything offensive. It is partly your fault about what happened though. Lock the door next time. Unless the bathroom door does not have a lock… I have seen it before but it is highly unusual. :confused: Confess it anyway if it bothers you, but I would not refrain from communion if the story is like how you told it. :slight_smile:

Thanks everyone, I took communion today and I’m going to confession tomorrow.

Good decision.

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