Should I obey my confessor?

So I am scrupulous and I did a general confession long ago and others after that. But I feel they are invalid though I did intend to confess everything and not hide anything, otherwise, I wouldn’t have gone. if I ask the confessor whether or not they were valid and he says yes, can I fully trust him and just obey and even if he says something wrong it won’t be my fault?

Trust your confessor, 10000000000000000%

Frankly - not to be blunt but clear enough to help you - it doesn’t matter a bit what you think!

It’s pride that’s talking in you. Set it aside, push it back, trust in God and His Church.

Make an act of humility - “I am nothing; I can do nothing, but I am Your daughter, Father, help me trust You more.”

Your sins are forgiven.

Move on and serve the first person around you, making their life a bit more pleasant tonight, now, continuing your childlike chatter with Our Father God.

It might be your husband, your parents, your chilren, the person whose meal you are preparing at a restaurant that you can’t see, but serve the first person you run across; serve them in some way cheerfully, quietly, diligently, out of love of God, and chatter with God about it.




Please stop questioning the priest
He knows what he is doing.


In this case, he is Jesus Christ. Can you imagine that? Then how can you not trust him?

(In the Sacrament of reconciliation, the priest is acting in the person of Christ).

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