Should I object to a marriage if I know an impediment?

If a person was invited to a Catholic wedding, not aware of any impediments to marriage of the couple, but suddenly remembered a reason during the wedding ceremony, ought that person speak up when the celebrant says “speak now or forever hold your peace.”? Thanks.

The phrase “speak now or forever hold your peace” is not part of the Catholic liturgy. There is no part of a Catholic wedding where such an objection could take place.

The proper time to raise impediments is before the wedding. That is why the wedding banns are published prior to the wedding.

There are very few impediments that would render a Catholic marriage invalid:[list]
*] If underage (canon 1083)
*] Impotence (canon 1084)
*] those who still have a valid prior bond (canon 1085)
*] If one of the couple is not baptized (canon 1086), this can be dispensed by local Bishop
*] If the male has received holy orders (canon 1087), this can only be dispensed by Rome
*] If one of the couple has previously made of a vow of celibacy/chastity (canon 1088), this can only be dispensed by Rome
*] A person cannot marry his/her kidnapper (canon 1089)
*] If one of the couple is responsible for the death of the others former spouse (canon 1090)
*] those who are related up to the 4th degree (canon 1091)
*] If a marriage would violate Public Propriety (canon 1093)[/list]

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