Should I or shouldn't I send Silent No More Awareness testimonies to my mother?

I don’t want to say much, except that after hearing one woman’s testimony… all I could think was “she is so much like my mother”… the whole, her life spiralling out of control, promiscuity, self-injuring, suicide attempt approximately seven years later… her story sounds like it could be my mother’s story, the story of the woman who raised me through all of this.

hearing that woman’s testimony helped me to forgive my mother for the insanity I was raised in. I can see that my mother has been victimized by a pro-death culture… and I wish I could help her. I don’t judge her; I mean, but for the grace of god there go I. and she’s my mother, she gave life to me and loved me and did her best to raise me the way that she knew how.

I’ve been thinking… maybe she’d hear the message better, consider a healing retreat or seeking whatever help she needs to battle with this thing, if she could read or hear another post-abortion woman’s testimony. I’m not the person to give her the message, and I know that. I’m her daughter, and all I can really do is pray for her.

Do you think I could, though, or should, give her a copy of someone’s testimony? Or would that only be more damaging than good? Should I just pray that one day she will read such a testimony, or come to healing and forgiveness somehow?

Pax Christi,
Esther Rose

ps - I do know, for sure, that my mother has had at least two abortions. Sometimes I wonder why they died and not me, but I guess there I can only learn to trust God. I trust that they are safe with God, and that my whole family will be given sufficient grace to be saved… I just wish there were some way I could help my mother, whom I love and treasure so much… and whom I feel so helpless to help.

I’d like to think that in addition to being a special child of God, unique and gifted in your own right, you are also, no doubt, an angel here on earth sent to love and protect your mother, and the sincerity of that love comes through in the words you’ve posted.

It is not for any of us to say whether what you ask is the “right” course of action. I suggest you submit this to prayer and also perhaps seek the guidance of an older spiritual advisor–perhaps one with significant experience in this area–like a counselor/leader in the Project Rachel ministry or other like organization. Best wishes~this will be difficult no matter how you decide to procede. You are blessed with the gift of faith, perhaps in time you will be able to share this fully with your mother.

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