Should I post or not?


I have posted the first part of my conversion several times on CAF, to help atheists realize the truth, but I don’t know if I should post all of my conversion story on the web, because I don’t want to offend God or be proud. What should I do? Would it be moral if I posted all my conversion story?


The best thing IMO for you to do would be to post your story, but don’t let pride swell up in you. We are all called to evangelize, and posting your story might bring others to the faith.


I personally don’t think that there would be any problem with you posting your story, though you must remember that alot of people here don’t have a great deal of patience with long posts. Reading pages and pages about someone else’s story is not always considered the most interesting material, especially for someone, like atheists, who are already predisposed to certain contrary opinions. Or, in short, we don’t like to hear people go on and on about themselves! Your best bet is to make it succint and to the point. Perhaps your leading sentence ought to be the realization that you came to which prompted your conversion, or, if your story were to be constructed like a logical proof, offer your readers the conclusion then tag on the premises.


Do you have a blog?

Just put it in you signature on forums that you frequent and let others take a look.

I want to read your conversion…


Okay I just created a blog, and posted my conversion story there. Here is the link:

I will put the link in my signature too, so others can read my story, that they may praise God’s Mercy forever and ever.

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