Should I pray the Rosary on an Heirloom Rosary blessed by St. Pope John Paul II?

As of now, I am without a proper rosary other than one which I have put away, having been blessed by St. Pope John Paul II. I have the option of praying on this rosary, but prefer not to given the significance behind it (I wish to pass it onto my own children one day).

What should I do in this situation? Should I pray the rosary on this particular one? Or should I seek out another one?

Subtle way of bragging that you have a Rosary blessed by a Saint.

I think you should pray on the rosary you have. It will have even more meaning someday for your children if they have actually seen you praying on it.

But you might want a spare as well, if you are in the habit of carrying it with you. I used to carry my late grandmother’s rosary, and after nearly losing it once, I got a spare. Now my grandmother’s rosary stays home, and I carry my spare, which is also nice and, I hope, a future heirloom for my son.

Why would you not?

Of course pray with it…thats what a rosary is for…to pray with…

If you are afraid of losing it keep it by your bed to use and anywhere else use a cheap one…but definately use it otherwise whats the point in having it…after all if you dont use it then when your son inherits it will he be expected to look at it but not use it too? would be of more benefit to your spiritual life to use it and pray

I make rosaries, and have literally dozens, from all over the world.
But my most prized rosary is my father’s. Daddy prayed it every night before falling asleep, and the wood beads are worn smooth from his fingers. It feel s wonderful.
It means far more to me because he used it to pray fro our family.
Use it.
Unless your son has a particular devotion to the rosary, they’ll probably bury you with it in your hands.
There are thousands of rosaries blessed by various popes. They are not artifacts. They are sacramental and are meant to be used.
God bless.

Pray the Holy Rosary with the Rosary that you have…Blessed by his Holiness…now…St. Pope Jn II…is great …but use the sacramental…I carry my Rosary with me at all times…but it’s just as easy to pray it in my head…a quote comes to mind…from a great little old book I picked up years ago as an undergrad…on one of those tables in the Univ. Library on sale for 1,00…entitled…The Splendor of The Rosary…the quote…“the beads are there for the prayers…and the prayers are there for the beads…” PAX

Oh, my dear friend, don’t you think it would grieve our beloved friend and pope that you had a Rosary he blessed that you were just “keeping” rather than using? Honor him and his blessing by using it every chance you have. It is an heirloom of prayer; sacred and cherished.

Yes pray with it! But of course use with care. And get another “day to day” rosary that one need not worry about being broken etc.

Yes, use it. Wear it out. Fix it if it breaks. It is a natural law argument: What is the purpose of the rosary?

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