Should I receive Holy Communion? or Not?


I don’t know whether or not I should receive the Eucharist during mass for holy communion. I know that you have to be in the state of grace (not have any mortal sins on your soul) in order to receive holy communion. However, throughout the day, I sometimes would often have sexual thoughts . . . and then when I realize that I am having those sexual thoughts, then I would do the sign of the cross or say the name of Jesus. Usually, after I pray, the thought still doesn’t go away immediately.

I know that the Catholic Church teaches that lustful thoughts are MORTAL SINS. Yes! I’m sure of this! (You can double check me if you want – yes, lustful thoughts ARE mortal sin.)

I was wondering if you could please help me. I don’t know if I am in the state of grace. So many times throughout the day, I would have sexual thoughts, and I don’t know if I have committed a mortal sin or not. I want to receive the Eucharist daily, because I know how precious daily communion is. However, I don’t want to receive the Eucharist in the state of moral sin.

What should I do?


I can infer from this, that you are being a tad too scrupulous

A couple things you must take into account.

If you are young person who is going through the blissful period (sarcasm) known as puberty, then you have to realize your body will just react in ways beyond most of your control. While lust is a grave matter, your consent to the sin is diminished due to age.

If you have a hyper-active libido then once again it’s something beyond your control.

However if you are perfectly normal and lust comes around. It is not a mortal sin if you refuse to give into those lustful thoughts (which sounds like you are) you must differentiate between temptation and sin.

Anyways you should bring this up with your confessor at Confession. He will be able to help you out more. :thumbsup:


It would depend on whether you are willing these things or not.

In Love and Responsibility, Pope John Paul II describes three stages when it comes to sexual thoughts. I do not have a direct quote available, but I will summarize them as best I can.

  1. Recognizing beauty: When we see a beautiful woman and have an immediate attraction to her sexual values. Here we are admiring what God made. God also made our sexuality, and being attracted to beauty in others is therefore natural and instinctive. This stage is not a sin.

  2. Reflecting on the sexual desirability of the other: Here we may go from just recognizing beauty to considering the desirability of them as a sexual partner. This stage is getting dangerous but is still not a sin. Even images may arise in our head, but are done so against our will, either out of natural sexual drive, or as a temptation.

  3. Willful lust: Once however these images and thoughts turn, from something that is spontaneously happening to us, to something we are willfully conjuring or entertaining, is when we fall into sin.

It sounds to me that these thoughts are happening to you, despite your best efforts to dismiss them, and not something that you are willing to occur. So I would say you are in the clear and free to receive communion, which in turn will give you the grace to continue to withstand these temptations. God Bless your fortitude. :thumbsup:


With due respect for the opinions expressed by others on this thread, let me tell you something I learned in Parochial Grammar School as a boy over 60 years ago: "When in doubt, Confess". If you cannot go to confession at the normally scheduled times in your Parish, simply get to Mass at least 25minutes to a half hour early and go into the Sacristy and ask the priest to hear your confession before he vests for Mass. He will be happy to help you.


:thumbsup: I second this. No one is required to receive Holy Communion at Mass (except for the priest, of course). What’s important is that your soul is in a state of grace, and it’s better to not receive than to receive unworthily (St. Paul tells us how bad that can be). Get to Confession or talk to a priest ASAP, and I would recommend finding a good spiritual director that can help you overcome these temptations.


We can discuss that “happy to hear your confession” later on, but to your question. If you feel that you are not in a state of Grace you most likely are not, so wait until you are.

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[quote="sonoftherosary, post:1, topic:334047"]
However, throughout the day, I sometimes would often have sexual thoughts . . . and then when I realize that I am having those sexual thoughts, then I would do the sign of the cross or say the name of Jesus. Usually, after I pray, the thought still doesn’t go away ***immediately***.


I agree that there could be scrupulosity going on here. I've bolded what I think is most important. You have the thoughts, but you try to distract yourself from them instead of purposely dwelling on them. Expecting those thoughts to just disappear the moment you make the sign of the cross of say a quick prayer may be a tad unrealistic. You aren't a robot - you're human. Thoughts are like sticks floating down a stream. Some pass by quickly, and some get snagged on something and take longer to float away. Just don't reach down and pick one up on purpose (in other words, don't dwell on the thought).

I agree that "when in doubt, confess" - especially if you have doubts about your state of grace. I would also suggest that you make an appointment to talk to a priest instead of just grabbing him before or after Mass. Talk to him about the temptations you face and see what he says about how to overcome them.


Thoughts that pop into your head are not sins. Willfully choosing to pursue the thoughts, or to entertain them, or appropriate the thoughts for your own pleasure, these things spill over into sin.
Keep in mind that confession reconciles us to God through the forgiveness of sins. It is good to go, but the purpose of it is not solely to provide reassurance for your mistrust. God's mercy should bring us peace and hope, confidence in the Lord. Forgiven by God, we should look forward, not over our shoulder in fear of sin.


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