Should I receive holy communion tomorrow?

I just came back from confession and I don’t know if I should receive holy communion. I confessed all of my sins but since this wasn’t my regular confessor I felt a little shy and embarrassed but one of my sins I didn’t completely confess and I don’t know if I’m absolved or not. The sin was that a few nights ago my friends and I were drinking some homemade wine and one of the bottles looked like it had some mold on it or something and for some reason I didn’t tell my friends and we drank it and one of my friends ended up sick the next day. And so I just told my priest that my friends and I drank toxic drinks? Because I didn’t really know how I was supposed to explain that. And now I feel guilty and am not sure what to do. I asked one of my other friends and they say it wasn’t mold but I’m not sure. What should I do??

I wouldn’t worry about it. Maybe your friend got sick because he/she drank too much.

You did the best you could in explaining it to the priest. I second guess myself often at times too. Maybe next time if I think of a better way to explain it, I’ll simply tell that next time in confession. The important thing is that you didn’t hold any mortal sins back. If the priest needed more details on the gravity of the situation, he would have asked for it I’m sure.

I think you might be experiencing some degree of scrupulosity.

From your description, it sounds like you made a simple omission of seemingly unimportant information, with unintended consequences. Remember, sins are about 90% your intentions. If you intentionally omitted this information purely for your benefit at the detriment to others, then I would be concerned. But, from your description, it seems as though it wasn’t.

As for confession, you made an honest attempt at confessing your sin, although I agree that you missed the mark a bit. It would seem as though you and your friends really did have some “toxic drinks,” but the real sin (as you could’ve expressed it) would be the omission of information important to someone’s health. But, again, it seems as though you did not commit this sin expressly to hurt your friend or act recklessly, so it wouldn’t appear to be a serious sin.

Therefore, you could probably partake in the Eucharist tomorrow, knowing Jesus can forgive minor sins through the Sacrament. Otherwise, bring it up in full at your next confession. For now, don’t stress over it!

Homemade wine is made from “mold” or yeast unless you have the ability of turning water into wine, as Jesus did. Bet you can’t do that, can you??. Unless the wine is strained and clarified it is natural to have a little residue in it. I think your friend drank a wee bit too much of the fruit of the vine. I think you are probably absolved.:smiley:

P.S. If you ever figure out how to turn water into wine-send me the recipe-or the wine!!:wink:

If it was toxic, everyone would get sick.

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